Tech Thoughts Daily Security Alerts – May 12, 2009

Don’t open that Western Union email! – Sophos has intercepted a widespread attack, initiated by hackers, designed to infect computers with a Trojan horse posing as a communication from Western Union.

The real solution to malware – The social problems of a solution predicated upon the idea that we can hunt down and kill enough malware writers to cause the remaining few to give up the pursuit entirely, out of fear for their lives, are effectively insurmountable.

Windows 7 patches, both fake and real – Microsoft has made available a patch to a Windows 7 bug in the Release Candidate (RC), and is preparing to roll out some “fake” test patches to verify Windows 7’s automatic-updating abilities this week.

Researchers Release Bootkit Code Targeting Windows 7 – Two security researchers open-source code that can be used to take control of versions of the Microsoft Windows 7 x64 operating system. The team decided to release the code despite initial reservations over security.

Will Windows XP Mode Put Compatibility Before Security? – Microsoft needs to start answering questions about Windows XP Mode security.

Personal data? Missile secrets? All can be found on old hard drives – Learn more about the danger of allowing data to leak from your organization when you throw away old hardware.

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