Download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor – Can You Handle The Ride!

I’ve been running Windows 7 for almost 6 months, both the Beta release, and now the first (only?), release candidate. I have to tell you; I’m in love!

I have not tested an operating system in the years I have been computing, which incidentally goes all the way back to DOS 1, where the advantages of the system were so readily apparent.

If your system can handle the hardware requirements imposed by Win 7, I highly recommend that you give the release candidate a try. I think you’ll be just as impressed as I am.

If you are currently running on Windows Vista, it’s almost a given that you can run on Windows 7, but ……

To help you determine your system compatibility, on May 7, Microsoft released a Beta version of a neat little tool to help you determine if your computer can handle the requirements of Windows 7.

According to Microsoft, “Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor scans your PC’s system, programs and devices to check if it’s able to run Windows 7. After a few minutes, the report will let you know if your PC meets the system requirements, if there are any known compatibility issues with your programs and devices, and will also provide guidance on your upgrade options to Windows 7”.

The following graphics illustrate just how easy this compatibility test is.

Win 7 Advisor 1

Win 7 Advisor 2

Win 7 Advisor 3

Note: The advisor recommends that you connect ALL your devices before running the test.

System Requirements: Windows Vista; Windows XP Service Pack 2, NET 2.0 Framework or higher if running on Windows XP

Download at: Microsoft

If you are currently running Windows XP, unfortunately there is no upgrade path, so a clean install is required.

To see just how smoothly a Windows 7 install can be, checkout TechPaul’s “A Tech’s First Impression of Windows 7 RC”. You might be surprised just how quick and easy this install can be.


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10 responses to “Download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor – Can You Handle The Ride!

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  3. Mr. Mullins,
    Excellent advice here. A quick scan ahead of time can save a lot of frustration.

    Microsoft should (IMHO) be much more ardent in advising RC downloaders to take this step first. You’ve performed a service by picking up their slack!

    Could Windows 7 actually be the Windows we were promised in Windows 95? Simple/Easy. Fast. Multi-media. Plug-N-Play…

    • Bill Mullins


      You, as usual, see right to the heart of the matter. MS should have released this tool long ago.

      Thanks for the comment.


  4. I’m running two installs right now, one was a a In place upgrade of my primary desktop computer. I had to remove a few items first like Norton 2009 but after that the install went smoothly. It took a while (3 hours) but it runs great. The XP upgrade is not possible but there’s a very cool tool that saves your data and settings to an external hard drive then restores them after the install. Paul Thurrott at the Winsupersite has a great right up on it.
    Have a good one.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the info.

      I’m glad to hear things went so smoothly for you.


  5. Dave

    I share your enthusiasm for Windows 7, what a great OS. Biometric support is really good, XP Mode is a nice addition. I have the RC x64 as the only OS on my laptop, and I am impressed.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Dave Brooks!

      How are things in New Hampshire?

      I don’t have the necessary hardware to test the Biometric support, so it would be cool to have you’re input on that, if you have a chance.

      Talk to ya later,

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