I’m a Botnet and I’m on Your Mac! – Removal Instructions

Another timely warning from Kristopher Dukes of 411-Spyware.com.


iBotnet, the first botnet of Mac computers, has debuted.  Botnets, a network of zombie computers controlled by a hacker, are usually restricted to Windows-based PCs.

iBotnet isn’t any different from its PC-based counterparts: iBotnet, as reported by CNET, is a launch pad for denial-of-service attacks.

iBotnet spread through a Trojan hidden in pirated versions of Apple iWorks ’09 software. If you downloaded iWorks ’09 from a peer-to-peer network, you could be infected. Look for iWorksServices.pkg on your computer, and try my step-by-step instructions to remove iBotnet from your Mac.

You might also consider antivirus software for your Mac — for the next season of iSpyware, anyway. iTrojans so far have that chic, brushed stainless steel styling, so they’re not too hard on your eyes.

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