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As Glenn Taggart, in a guest writer article on this site, wrote recently – “Cloud computing is not a new concept. If you really want to get down to it, the internet IS the cloud”. He is right of course.

Nevertheless, the sorry state of security on the Internet with its exponentially growing threats has dissuaded me, at least to this point, from actively participating in the Cloud, in any form.

Good news for late adapters (like me), of the Cloud concept though. Overnight, Panda Security briefed me on their new free Cloud application, so I might have to overcome my reluctance to jump on board the Cloud express.


Let me just quote briefly from Panda’s email:

“With Panda Cloud Antivirus, Panda Security is introducing a new protection model that utilizes a thin-client agent and server architecture which processes and blocks malware more efficiently than locally installed signature-based products. By moving the entire malware scanning and determination process to the cloud and applying non-intrusive interception techniques on the client architecture, Panda Cloud Antivirus is able to provide advanced protection against new and unknown viruses with a lightweight thin-client agent that barely consumes any PC resources”.

As Panda Security CEO Juan Santana says “”The threat climate demands a new protection model”. I can certainly second that, and it comes not a moment too soon, in my view.


Quick highlights:

FREE, antivirus thin-client service for consumers which is able to process and block malware more efficiently than locally installed signature-based products.

The immediate benefits to users thanks to Panda’s new protection model are: 100x faster protection against new malware and 50 percent less impact on PC performance, compared to the industry average.

Utilizing its proprietary in-the-cloud scanning technology called Collective Intelligence, to automatically identify and classify new malware strains in near real-time (less than six minutes.

This same process takes up to 48 days with traditional AV products, according to a recent study from the University of Michigan.


If you download and install this product, I’d be very interested in your personal observations as to its speed, functionality and ease of use, and so on.

It’s too early yet for me to provide a personal assessment of this product; that will come later. I like to run test applications for a minimum of 30 days to properly assess an applications relative strength, and weaknesses.

One disappointment though: I run Windows 7 Beta on all my machines, including my test beds, and Panda Cloud Antivirus does not yet run on Win 7.

Download at: Cloud Antivirus

Update – May 1: Good news from Rick Robinette over at What’s On My PC. Rick has already completed a substantial test run on Cloud Antvirus, so be sure to read his report – Panda Cloud Antivirus – Is It Netbook ready?


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27 responses to “Panda Cloud Antivirus – Free Cloud Protection

  1. whatsonmypc


    Very interesting concept here… Like you, I am having a hard time accepting cloud computing. It is neat in one aspect, but scares the daylights out of me knowing that “what I put out there, is out there”. My life is cloudy enough as it is…


    • Bill Mullins


      I have to admit I’m excited about this concept – at last something new in
      our never ending battle against the bad guys. I wish it ran on Win 7 though
      – because I’m NOT going back to XP.


  2. whatsonmypc


    This article is really peaking my interest… I may have explore this further and if anything (as a test bed), install it on my netbook (which is basically a cloud PC anyway). Very, very interesting… Hey, check out the cloud PC (by ViewSonic) on my blog… The cloud movement is happening!


  3. Jason

    I installed Panda Cloud AV today and I am currently running my first full computer scan. My first impression of the program is that the idle process is very, very light – even more than the “free” AV’s. The program is very unobtrusive while running in the background. However, the scan does seem to take a while to complete. Overall, I am very impressed with the program thus far and I am glad to see Panda offer this AV for free.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hi Jason,

      Thank you for sharing your first impressions. It’s great to hear this
      application is not a drag on the OS.

      I’ve always considered Panda’s products to be winners, and it looks as if
      they may have another winner with their Cloud Antivirus.


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  5. whatsonmypc


    Installed on my netbook (WinXP, Gig of Ram, Atom Processor, 120 Gig Sata Drive… The install file is 18.5 MB download. Installed very quickly. Windows Security Center recognized it. Nice simple interface (I sent you screenshots of the install process, etc…). No noticeable decline in performance of the PC. Scanning is slow, but they are all slow these days due to the number of files, etc… This cloud app is in beta… Rick

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  7. g

    i’ve downloaded it but haven’t had time to install/run it yet. i’m very excited that panda is jumping in on this the way they are.

    call it credibility to the cloud. and unlike you non believers (lol), i still believe the cloud is the near future of computing. i think the moving ball right now is google and android.

    it’s like the cloud is spread out in many little cloudlets ready for assembly.

    great article btw on the panda av! hoping to have time this weekend to take it for a spin.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Glenn,

      Love the “cloudlets ready for assembly”, analogy. Very cool!


  8. Sean-Paul here from the Panda team. We’re super pumped about Cloud AV and everyone seems to like it so far! Just wanted to remind you all that it is beta, so that means we are looking for the community to give us that valuable feedback we need to keep improving the product. If you have any problem whatsoever, please e-mail us at (or message us on Twitter (


  9. whatsonmypc


    I noticed Panda Security is paying attention to what we all are blogging about… Thanks for the link back. This thing is just taking off… Your article made my day yesterday!


  10. Good news, thanks for information I love this site 🙂

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  12. g

    i got a chance to test it out today.

    in my humble technical opinion, a great cloud security app! kudos to the panda team.

    • Bill Mullins

      Thanks for your input Glenn.

      This type of application may be the face of things to come.


  13. Neat program, I used Panda for years I heard about it from David Lawrence back when he did a tech show and I thought it had better performance than Norton. I’m like you on the cloud computing thing its interesting but I like to have my programs with me whether or not I’m online but I see a lot of applications that are going to be hybrids. They will have a desktop client but also have a version that’s lighter weight that you can use on the road. The next version of Office is going to have this feature, Google Docs already have it but to me its not nearly adequate enough for my needs. Keep up the great work on the blog its a great resource for us all.
    Love the new Win 7 RC, I think MSFT hit a home run on this one.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Mark,

      I agree, MS has hit a home run with Win 7. I jumped on the download as soon
      as my feet hit the floor. Having run the Beta for 4+ months, I’m very
      familiar with it and would never consider stepping back to XP.

      Good to hear from you.


  14. it nis working good really
    specially more than other antiviruses programes

  15. really good ,great performance

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