FireFox 3.0.10 Released – Fixes Crash Issues

firefox Since updating to FireFox 3.0.9 last week, I have experienced very uneven performance while surfing the Net. I have to admit, this uneven performance drove me slightly crazy. Unexplained crashes, slow site connections, and timed out errors do that to me.

Despite hours investigating, I was unable to resolve these issues. Worse, I spend hours looking at my overall configuration including a heavy duty malware investigation of my system – all to no avail. Since I use the HTML Validator add-on, I was particularly affected.

My good buddy and fellow Blogger TechPaul keyed in on the cause of my problem by establishing that the root cause was one of my add-ons. But with 20+ add-ons, I must admit I had neither the time, nor the inclination to track it down and instead reverted back to running IE 8 –ugh!

Now comes word that Mozilla has just released FireFox 3.0.10, which addresses these very issues. Uh, a dollar short and a day late Mozilla!

This new release addresses a major stability issue and one more security fix.

Issues fixed in FireFox 3.0.10

Crash in nsTextFrame::ClearTextRun

Crashes with HTML Validator when viewing source nsTextFrame

If you are running FireFox 3.0.9 I strongly recommend that you update to release 3.0.10.

Download at: Mozilla



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17 responses to “FireFox 3.0.10 Released – Fixes Crash Issues

  1. Allen Ellison

    Really? Firefox automatically upgraded me to this version and now I only see pure white windows, no content, not even application chrome. Which means that Firefox is pretty much useless for me.

    • Bill Mullins


      I’m not sure what “really” means – nor am I sure of the configuration of
      your machine. I know this however – personally, I do NOT allow automatic
      updates on any application including the operating system, despite the fact
      that for the average user, this is a prudent precaution – depends on ones
      skill level, of course. It’s not unknown for an update to cause system or
      application instability, depending on system and application configuration.

      I have run into the same situation you describe, and generally, a total
      uninstall using a third party uninstaller such as Revo Uninstalller,
      followed by a reinstall (of course I’m assuming a pre-existing backup with a
      utility such as Mozbackup), will generally cure the problem – again the
      caveat being system and application configuration. As you know, not all
      applications play well together.


  2. g

    that’s alot of addons! i run about 5 or so at work on v3… I finally got around to loading v3.5b about a month ago. it just updated a couple days ago and wiped out half my addons. oh well. i like the beta so i run it at home.

    i’d run it at work except if the server crashes, i know the i.t. guy would be hunting me down! lol!

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Glenn,

      Betas will, almost always, not be compatible with existing add-ons when it
      comes to FireFox – which is why I will run both the Beta and the latest
      release as two separate apps.

      20 add-ons ain’t nothing dude, it just depends on what you do on the
      Internet. On my test beds, 20+ add-ons might not be enough. On my personal
      machines, 20+ is about average.

      Your IT guy is lucky to have someone like you on board – you are a definite
      asset; for sure!!


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  4. Flash images aren’t showing up when I’m on netflix. How can I fix this?

  5. Steven

    I see someone else is STILL having problems with 3.0.10,thanks for posting ,I thought it was just my machine The last Firefox updates are a nightmare,Vista had enough problems without this,not only has FF crashed constantly but it did some terrible things to my preferred connections!

    • Bill Mullins

      It’s very frustrating having to deal with issues on FireFox giving that this
      version has just been released to address similar issues in the previous
      version. What gives here?


  6. Bern

    I have had constant problems with firefox since the latest update. First there was just the useless blank page. I tried doing a complete uninstall and re-installing from the website and now it crashes as soon as you try to open it with a message to say that there is a problem causing it to crash please allow mozilla to know of the fault so that it can be fixed. However there is a fault with this as well as I get the error message saying unable to send report. Oh well back to Opera for now.

    • Bill Mullins

      Hi Bern,

      Like you, I’m having some problems with this – crashes, slow response etc.

      Thanks for your comment.


  7. Linda

    I’m having problems with digital downloads which I purchased since this update. Anyone else? Prior to the update, no problem!

  8. Ulf

    I did not use to have any problems until 3.0.10. Using mac os 10.5.6

    Now it crashes about every 30 min.

    • Bill Mullins

      I decided to switch over to the Beta 3.5 simply because I got tired of dealing with the issues in this latest “stable” release.


  9. Lucas

    The Mac OS X version of Firefox 3.0.10 is a disaster. Yesterday I ‘ve had constant crashing, even after reboooting a couple of times and disabling all add-ons. A Google search shows thousands of people with the same problems. What gives, Mozilla?

  10. Andrea

    I just moved up to Vista from Windows XP a few days after upgrading to FF3.0.10, and if I thought it was unstable while I was on XP, it is nothing compared to how badly it runs on Vista.

    I have 33 add-ons installed, five or six of which I keep disabled except for when I need them. I am not having a problem with any of them. They all work fine.

    My problem is an instability issue when running Flash Player 10 in the browser. WOW. I can’t go ten minutes without a crash if I’m running any Flash based applications, including simple games. And, sure enough, the crashes corrupt my Flash installation every few days. I have to reinstall it every few days, as a result.

    This seriously needs to be fixed soon! The performance and stability problems when using Flash Player 10 in FF3.0.10 are making the browser pretty useless, not only when I’m building websites, but when I’m simply playing on the web.

  11. George

    Mine is kind of unusual. I have no download of anything off the net on other user accounts, but the main account is fine, can download with NP. I cannot even download Mozilla from other users (who have admin access).