Play “Want to Infect Your Computer With Malware?” – Follow These Easy Steps!

Russian roulette 1 Computer users who lack the necessary skills to protect their machines, or who are unaware of the consequences of surfing the Internet with inadequate protection, are the grist from which cyber criminals make their daily bread – and lots of it!

How much? How does $105 billion annually strike you?

Playing Russian roulette with cyber crooks on the Internet is a mugs game – the pistol is loaded with SIX bullets. Unfortunately, you get to go first and ducking is not an option in this game. The bad guys will win; you will lose – there is little doubt about that. But hey, you might get lucky!

Playing this game essentially consists of any of the following forms of behavior. Go ahead – try your luck!

Download files and software through file-sharing applications such as BitTorrent, eDonkey, KaZaA and other such programs.

Make sure you click links in instant messaging (IM) that have no context or are composed of only general text.

Download executable software from web sites without ensuring that the site is reputable.

Use your USB stick on public computers, or other computers that are used by more than one person.

Be sure to open email attachments from people you don’t know.

Make it a practice of opening email attachments without first scanning them for viruses.

Open email attachments that end in a file extension of .exe, .vbs, or .lnk.

Don’t worry about it – just run your Windows computer as an administrator while on the Internet. You have to play the game, right?

laptop RIP

Additional actions you can take to ensure your computer system becomes infected.

Always run programs of unknown origin.

Don’t keep all applications (including your operating system) patched.

Don’t disable Java, JavaScript, and ActiveX.

Don’t disable scripting features in email programs.

Don’t make regular backups of critical data.

Don’t make a boot disk in case your computer is damaged or compromised.

Don’t turn off file and printer sharing on the computer.

Don’t install a personal firewall on the computer.

Don’t install anti-virus and anti-spyware software and ensure it is configured to automatically update when you are connected to the Internet.

Don’t worry about making sure your anti-virus software scans all e-mail attachments.

Russian roulette 2

Now, you don’t have to follow all of the above suggestions. Just follow a few, and I guarantee you – you will become infected. You will lose the game.

Oh, did I mention, if you really want to mess things up, you should surf the Net without adequate Internet Browser protection such as WOT – the best Internet browser protection available.

This article may sound facetious, and to some extent, perhaps even cynical – nevertheless, the behavior points listed, (sorry – the game rules), are often the common behaviors of a large percentage of unaware, undereducated, and less security conscious computer users.

Is it any wonder the cyber criminals are winning this game?

Don’t be a loser. Don’t play this game. Ensure you have adequate knowledge to protect yourself. If you lack this knowledge the answer is simple – get it.

The Internet (including this site), can be mined for information on free protective software, and tips and hints to keep you safe. For example over on What’s On My PC, there is a terrific article on Internet Security (FREE Layers of Protection), complete with free recommended security applications.

For additional information on cyber crime, checkout TechPaul’s “Security Alert – An Infection Has Been Detected!


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6 responses to “Play “Want to Infect Your Computer With Malware?” – Follow These Easy Steps!

  1. I know another way to “win”… download a codec so you can watch free p0rn.

    I very much appreciate the “facetious” angle you took, and you did make me smile. I certainly hope this article get’s the attention it so richly deserves.

    Why? Because this isn’t a game — it’s a war.
    And the good guys lost it years ago.. There is no Internet Army, Navy, Air Force, or Sheriff’s Dept that are going to protect the public .. it’s up to us to protect ourselves.
    So.. if you’re savvy, reach out to your friends, family, and neighbors and get their machines up to snuff.. you’ll be protecting yourself in the long run.

    • Bill Mullins

      Thank you Paul.

      You are quite right; downloading a porn video codec is a definite Terminator
      (sorry Arnold) – a sure way to lose the game.

      As you pointed out, we do need to offer protection to our families,
      neighbors and friends (by sharing our knowledge), since it will, in the long
      run, protect ourselves.


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  3. whatsonmypc


    Made me “smile” as well… First smile, the link back to my blog… The second smile on “how to infect your computer”… A little reverse psychology will not hurt anyone…

    P.S. You always post the neatest graphics : )


    • Bill Mullins


      I’m often accused of being a curmudgeon, by my friends, when it comes to
      Internet security issues – far too serious. Ha!

      The reality is however, I have seen the future of the Internet, as no doubt
      have you, if we allow things to continue as they are. So “far too serious” –
      you bet!

      So, a little reverse psychology – this time. Next time – the Thundering
      Hammer of Thor!! LOL

      It’s always a pleasure to refer back to your site. My readers, who are not
      dissimilar to your readers, can gain valuable insight by visiting your site,
      as they can by visiting TechPaul’s site.


  4. JoWazzoo

    Don’t do anything. Get nailed with an iFrame. Heh. And poor John/Jane Q. hasn’t the slightest idea of what happened to them except that they were offered a wonderful program which indicated it would take care of the 900 + bad guys IDed on their machine. Only $49.95 and your machine is clean and your credit card is hosed.

    Too bad we cannot figure out what to do about this. After the fact clean-up is not the answer.