PandaLabs Reports on Search Engine Manipulation Attack against Ford

Recently, in this space, I discussed the issue of the manipulation of search engine results, and the seeding of websites among the top results returned by these engines.

Indeed, cyber crooks are continuing to increase the use of custom-built websites designed to drop malicious code on computers, coupled with the manipulation of legitimate pages in order to infect users with malware.

PandaLabs Blog has just posted an informative article on this issue “Targeted Blackhat SEO Attack against Ford Motor Co.” in which the author Sean-Paul Correll, discusses Panda’s discovery of over 1 Million seeded links all targeting the Ford Motor Company.

Included, as part of this article, is a video demonstrating how these types of attacks work. In my view, this is a must read for security conscious users.



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4 responses to “PandaLabs Reports on Search Engine Manipulation Attack against Ford

  1. g

    thank goodness this didn’t happen to GM.

    well, you have ford people and you have chevy people…

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      Hey Marcellino,

      Thanks for the Stumble boost. I checked out the Phillies site. Is that your


  3. Dave

    Hey, don’t forget us Mopar people 🙂