CoolPreviews – Indispensable Browser Add-on?

Awesome Picture-in-a-Picture Web Surfing

Get Picture-in-a-Picture browsing with a cool free browser add-on that lets you preview links and rich media content without clicking the link, or leaving your current page.

With CoolPreviews place your mouse cursor over your link and a preview window instantly appears with the content.


I use this add-on frequently as I build a web page, to insure my links are working. What a time saver!

Fully interactive on just about any website, including Google, Yahoo!, MSN, YouTube, Flickr. Try CoolPreviews on blogs, discussion forums, and news sites.

Fast facts:

  • Preview web links, images, and videos
  • Stack previewed items into temporary bookmarks
  • Instantly send links to friends and family with just a click.
  • Automatically sub search Google, Wikipedia, or just about any searchable website by right-clicking on any phrase
  • Customize CoolPreviews to control preview window activation

Firefox and Flock versions are the most robust and support Windows XP, Vista, OS X 10.4, and Linux. Firefox.

Download at: CoolPreviews


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2 responses to “CoolPreviews – Indispensable Browser Add-on?

  1. proview

    Bill, thanks for this post, I’d not heard of CoolPreviews before. I’ve just installed it to my browser and I must say it’s excellent. What a great time saving tool it is, the stacking feature is brilliant.

    Only trouble is, I’m playing around with so much that I’m not getting much work done 🙂