Tech Thoughts Daily Security Alerts – April 7, 2009

Danger worm

Sophos warns FaceBook users to beware of emails claiming to contain a link to a sexy dance video – Hackers are using the lure as a means to infect computers.

Microsoft: Old Worm Copies Conficker for New Twist – A new version of the Neeris worm is exploiting the same Microsoft flaw as Conficker. The Neeris worm dates back to 2005, according to Microsoft.

Spam in the Neighborhood – It was inevitable that mass mailers would begin using more localized information to target their spam at end users.

Report: Americans More Worried About Fraud Than Personal Safety – Financial fraud fears eclipse national security worries in Unisys’ latest security poll.

OpenDNS Reports 500,000 Machines Infected By Conficker – April Fool’s Day was mostly quiet — but the number of machines hit by Conficker.C are starting to roll in.

Panda Labs: New Spyware Rose 10% In Q1 ’09 – Trojans accounted for 73 percent of all new malware created during this period, according to quarterly report.

New Nearly Undetectable Version Of Mebroot/Sinowal/MBR/Torpig In The Wild – New version of dangerous Trojan Mebroot/Sinowal/MBR/Torpigt defeats all detection tools and methods, researchers at TrustDefender say.

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