Tech Thoughts Daily Security Alerts – March 31, 2009

Danger worm

Conficker – the truth about April 1st – There has been a lot of panic spread about what the Conficker worm might do on April 1st. Find out the truth behind the headlines.

Conficker – The Paris Hilton of Botnets – I actually had to stop and wonder for a minute if all this newfound attention is truly merited.

New Free Scanners Available For Detecting Conficker Worm Infections – Researchers spent the weekend building a proof-of-concept set of tools to kill the Conficker worm.

Mac malware web attack – caught on video – It’s not just Windows users who are at risk when surfing the web.

GhostNet: Is the Chinese government really behind it? – Is there enough evidence to confidently claim that the Chinese authorities are behind the attacks?

19,000 credit cards listed online – Included in the data were names and home addresses as well as full card information.

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  1. I agree, I don’t think that Conficker is going to do anything significant on April 1. Those that need to worry are those that are already infected, and even then, it isn’t likely that anything will happen on April 1.