Tech Thoughts Daily Security Alerts – March 24, 2009

FakeAlert-MCodec security warning – McAfee is warning of a security threat which poses as a download of a legitimate application but merely prompts you to install a Trojan.

Malware Is Getting Formidable, but So Are Your Defenses – As bad as malware is getting, there’s plenty you can do to affect excellent, if imperfect, protection.

From IE 8 to FireFox: Web Browsers Tighten Security – A report from Cenzic as well as the exploitation of Apple Safari, Mozilla FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explorer during the recent Pwn2Own contest at CanSecWest underscore the need to keep bolstering browser security.

Scareware and the death of Natasha Richardson – Cybercriminals don’t waste any time these days jumping on the coat-tails of breaking news stories in their attempt to infect as many computer users as possible.

ATM cash machine malware discovered by Sophos – Sophos researchers discover a Trojan horse that is capable of infecting bank cash machines, potentially skimming confidential card information off high street shoppers.

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  1. David Smith

    Re: ATM cash machine malware discovered by Sophos

    Bill, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Last year whilst in Spain on holiday, I watched a Santander cash machine swallow my visa-debit card and reboot in front of my eyes. They run on XP!

    The engineers work on the machines with a laptop plugged in to them running the diagnostic software. I’m sure it would be very easy for someone to plant malicious code in one of the routines using this method.
    I guess the – relatively – hardest part would be to gain access to the machine without arousing suspicion.


    p.s. Congratulations on your 1million page hits. Long may you continue! Once again many thanks for all your hard work.