RegSeeker – King of the Free Registry Cleaners!

Bang Head Getting frustrated while you wait for your operating system to load? Are some of your applications not working quite right? Tired of trying to figure it out?

Then it’s time to give RegSeeker, a free Windows registry cleaner, a go at cleaning and optimizing your Windows registry.

A jam-packed, jumbled registry can be one of the chief causes of computer slowdown and malfunction. A messy registry can often put a brake on your system, cause programs to stop working properly, and aggravate you while you hang around waiting for the operating system to load at a snails pace.

Even a new/newer computer is not immune to this type of problem. Over time, sometimes a very short time, repeated loading of the operating system and application software can create errors and leave unnecessary entries in the registry. This is where RegSeeker, a multilingual registry cleaner/optimizer, can prove to be very useful.


RegSeeker’s primary function is to clean your registry, which it does easily, safely, and thoroughly. Just launch the program, click on “Clean the Registry”, and delete the listed unneeded registry entries.

Despite the fact RegSeeker has an automatic registry backup feature, I strongly recommend that you analyze the search results very carefully, and then ensure you have in fact backed up before deleting any registry entries.

After a previous review of this application, I received one comment in which the reader indicated he had suffered a complete meltdown of his computer after having run this application.

On the other hand, I have been safely using this program on a daily basis for over three years, and I have not had to use this backup feature yet. However, as we all know there’s always a first time and that generally occurs when you least expect it. So my advice; err on the side of caution any time you are working with the registry and be sure to backup.

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I download and test, 1-2 applications daily, so this program gets a real workout on my machines. As well, I use Revo Uninstaller, a powerful application uninstaller to uninstall applications which means less work for RegSeeker.

RegSeeker is multifunctional in that it also performs tweak operations. It can clean out your startup entries, Add/Remove program entries, adjust color schemes, change personal information entries, and it includes a general “Tweaks” menu option. I have found this tweaking ability to be relatively useful.

RegSeeker is an extremely valuable tool for keeping your Registry in perfect running order, and its “Tweaks” editing options allow you to do more with the user interface than you might have previously thought was possible.

RegSeeker is FREE for personal use only.

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server

Download at:

Important Note:

If you’re a relatively new computer user, it’s important that you choose a Registry cleaner which will clean your Registry easily, thoroughly, and most importantly for you as a new user, safely.

Wise Registry Cleaner is a free, non aggressive application that, as one of my friends says, “hits a home run in the safety department”. As it searches the Registry for obsolete/redundant registry keys, it differentiates between those that are “safe to fix”, and those that are “not fully safe to fix”.

To provide the greatest safety factor for those who are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with cleaning the Registry, the application’s default removal setting is “safe to fix”.

Download at:


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5 responses to “RegSeeker – King of the Free Registry Cleaners!

  1. g

    i’m going to download and try it. i’ve been using ccleaner and have been happy but am always in search of a better cleaner!

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Glen,

      CCleaner is a great tool and is unlikely to cause any system damage.
      RegSeeker on the other hand, is a full fledged Registry cleaner and should
      be used with caution.

  2. g

    you mean it’s not “g” proof? lol
    i remember when i first started using windows way back when. on more than several occasions i would decide the registry was a good place to tweak with the result being a trip to the local ‘puter store to get me up and running again.

    • Bill Mullins

      Ah! The things we did back then!!

      What is it they say, “life is all about getting the exam, before you get the

      Oh yeah!!

  3. g

    tried both regseeker and wise reg cleaner – i let them both do their thing (backed up the registry of course) and they both cleaned some stuff out that ccleaner didn’t.

    i guess they both get a pass as neither deleted anything seriously harmful.

    fwiw, giveaway of the day is offering the paid version of wise reg cleaner for free (today only) go here: