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Often, new and casual computer users get left behind when it comes to PC utility software. Developers of this type of application are prone to designing tools that require more than just a passing knowledge of how computer operating systems really work.

New users are very often unfamiliar with both the technology itself, and the technical terms involved in using this type of application. For many users, a simple set of tools that does not require the user to be geek inclined, is more appropriate than a suite of tools that does everything but clean the kitchen sink.

While it’s generally true that more advanced users want/need much more control than a one click system utility provides, this type of utility can be the ideal solution for a new user.

PC Fixer 1

PC Fixer is a relatively simple but nonetheless, powerful set of tools for new and casual computer users that includes the following comparatively basic modules:

  • Install – assists in the setup/installation of applications, internet, email, printers, wireless network and more.
  • Fix – diagnostic applet with comprehensive solutions to common problems.
  • Optimize – a configuration utility with surprising functionality.
  • Secure – as well as the ability to remove malware, this module allows the user to configure Windows security settings.
  • Data Recovery – provides the user with the tools required to recover data in specific applications including MS Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook and so on.
  • Tune up – this feature is essentially a Registry cleaner.

A valuable resource for less experienced users is the community-based forum chock full of answers to many common PC support questions.

PC Fixer 2

A sample of issues addressed by PC Fixer:

  • CD or DVD driver is missing.
  • CD burner does not work.
  • Printing service is disabled.
  • Cannot open Task Manager.
  • Performance tuning tips.
  • Security and Privacy protection.

This application is not a panacea for computer problems of course, but for less experienced Windows users, it should prove to a valuable addition to their computer toolbox.

There is additional functionality ncluded in this neat little application, but I’ll leave that for you to discover. Good surprises are cool, right?

Download at: Download.com

For a more robust set of system utilities checkout “Glary Utilities – Perfect Collection of Free System Tools” on this site.

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One response to “PC Fixer – Free From Digital Support Technology

  1. I tried this a week ago and had very mixed results. It appeared to slow my Vista Home Premium 32 down a little. On my XP machines it seemed to make a significant improvement in boot up times and application launch times.
    Take care.