Will Obama Give You Dough? Spare Change You Shouldn’t Believe In

Scammers are taking advantage of Obama’s grant money news to rip you off.


Trickle down 2 Watch for fake emails, links in ezine articles, and Google campaigns leading you to Obama-scam websites.

Testimonials on these Obama scam sites from people who’ve received government grant dough are as real as Ivanka Trump’s chest, and hardly as charming.

Quotes will urge you to order a CD to learn how to write a successful grant application – and that small S&H charge for the CD is how scammers get your credit card info and mailing address.

Another Obama-stimulus package scam email claims to be from the IRS, and asks you to fill out your personal information online, in order to receive a “stimulus payment.” What’s the most stimulating part of this process? Finding out strangers know a touch too much, about you.

Fortunately, if you follow the usual Internet safety rules, you’ll be okay. Look both ways before opening surprise email attachments and clicking links, and breeze over to YouTube to view some tips for avoiding grant-related scams.

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