Great News for WOT Lovers – Monty Widenius Now Onboard

WOT logo Monty Widenius is quite literally onboard with WOT. Widenius, well known in the tech community as the founder of MySQL, has invested in WOT – Web of Trust, and as part of that process will take a seat on the company’s Board of Directors.

“For Web of Trust this new injection of expertise and capital will help us to expedite our growth and take the company to the next level,” said CEO Esa Suurio.

Regular readers of this site are well aware that I write regularly on the importance of Internet browser protection, and how strongly I recommend Web of Trust. It’s no surprise, given WOT’s strong presence, that Widenius sees the opportunity to expand WOT’s reach and impact in the browser protection market.

When addressing this issue Widenius stated “When I first learned about WOT, I was intrigued because it answers the common question Internet users have – Can I trust this website? – by uniquely combining a community-driven approach, Internet resources and browser technology.

The growth and success of MySQL was in many aspects due to our active user community. WOT’s big and active community shows a similar strength, and I like the fact that through WOT we are helping making the Internet a better and safer place”.

WOT in action:

WOTdropdown curtain

The immediate future promises to be an exciting time for WOT and its 3 million users, and we can all look forward to continued improvement in an already “best of breed”, indispensable security application.

For additional information and download links, please read “WOT (Web of Trust) – Participate in Your Own Internet Security”, on this site.

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