Valentines Day Spam – You’ve Been Warned!

Valentine gif Ah, the power of love!

In real life love can leave you with a broken heart. In Internet life (not that it’s not “real”) love can leave you with a broken heart, a broken wallet, and much more likely, now that Valentines Day is almost upon us, a broken computer.

It’s time once again to be on the lookout for Valentine’s Day spam, and to be particularly cautious this year, of any emails that contain the subject line words “Me and You,” “In Your Arms” and “With all my love”.

Unaware users who click on the embedded link contained in these spam emails will be rewarded by having their computer infected with the Waledec Storm worm. As an added reward, the worm will gather email addresses stored on the victims machine and attempt to infect the relevant computers.

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Researchers at many of the major security vendors believe, this year’s spam campaign is being brought to us by the same folks who used the Storm botnet in both 2007 and 2008, to flood the Internet with Valentine’s Day spam.

It’s estimated that this year, 8 per cent of “romantic” emails, or one in every 12 emails, is likely to contain malware.

You know what to do, right?

Install WOT (Web of Trust), an Internet Explorer/FireFox add-on that offers substantial protection against questionable or unsafe websites, and as a bonus, offers protection against questionable or unsafe links in your email. For more information on this impressive security add-on please read “Love WOT And It Will Love You Right Back!”, on this site.

Don’t open emails that come from unknown sources.

Don’t click on any links included in email messages, even though they may come from reliable sources. Instead, type link in the address bar.

Don’t run attached files that come from unknown sources; especially these days.

Stay alert for files that claim to be Valentine’s greeting cards, romantic videos, etc.

Make sure you have an effective security solution installed, capable of detecting both known and new malware strains.

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One response to “Valentines Day Spam – You’ve Been Warned!

  1. This is indeed a timely reminder since Valentines day is getting nearer. Thanks a lot for making me cautious in opening such emails.