Hacked – Irresponsible Response

monster OK, so let’s say your Doctor’s (substitute a professional of your choice), office was burglarized and all medical records, including yours, were stolen.

Your Doctor, nice guy that he is, didn’t want to cause you unnecessary anxiety, so he didn’t advise you that your confidential records were now out in the wild blue.

Can’t, or won’t happen, you’re thinking. Think again., a web site that bills itself as the “world’s leading career network” is a web site used by people looking for a new job. Information required to register with the site includes, user IDs and passwords, email addresses, names, phone numbers, and some basic demographic data.

According to Patrick Manzo of Monster Worldwide, suffered a database penetration (sometime this month – no date given), during which “certain contact and account data were taken”. So let me rephrase that for you – Monster was hacked and personal information stolen.

Simply put – if you have an account with, your confidential information is now freely available to the vast hoards of cyber criminals who trade in this currency.

Your minimum expectations, if you are registered with, should be that you would be notified of such a serious breech. Not too much to expect, I would suggest.

But no, Monster’s view is, since there is no direct evidence of misuse of the stolen information (yet), a small notice of this occurrence posted on their main page is sufficient notice. No other notification that your personal information is now at risk. Bizarre!

Note to Monster: Hey, don’t worry about this massive penetration of your data base – these cyber criminals just dropped in to have a look around your obviously under protected database environment.

Your attitude flies in the face of reality. Get real! You obviously need to be dragged, kicking and screaming into the real world of cyber crime.

As a consequence of this penetration, if you are a customer, you need to do the following at once:

Change your password for ALL your accounts, not just

Be on guard against “phishing” fraudulent emails, and fraudulent telephone calls in the near term.

It’s not very often that I’m struck speechless by the shenanigans pulled by some of the larger Internet entities but this one; well it’s just too calculated, too condescending, too….. too damn stupid!


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  1. one more piece of “do immediately” advice (if I may).. sign up for a free credit monitoring service, and check for unusual activity.

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