Hard Drive Back Up – It’s All About the Data

This is a guest post by Mark Schneider of the Techwalker Blog, who brings a background as a high level super user, to the blogging world. Mark has written this article to emphasize the importance of data back up on a regular and consistent basis.

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Hard Drive Diag Today’s computers are amazing, especially when you consider the processing power available, and the amount of storage you can have for incredibly little money. You can easily build a $500 desktop computer today that has a multi-core processor, and a terabyte of storage, which has the power to edit video, or play graphic intensive video games.

But whether you’re running a $7000 custom high end gaming machine, or a $399 special from a sale at the local retailer the most important and precious thing in your computer is your data. Data is everything, it’s your kids baby pictures or your entire music collection.

The problem with data is, even though it’s the most important thing on your hard drive, it’s frequently the least considered. To protect your data generally isn’t very hard, but its very easy to put off. People rationalize that since the hard drive from that Windows 95 machine still runs that their current machine will be fine for now and I’ll just do that backup next week when I have time.

Unfortunately just when you least expect it, your hard drive crashes the night before you finished the report your boss wanted first thing in the morning or you lose the pictures of family members that can’t be replaced.

So now you know, backing up isn’t an option.  Backing up isn’t hard, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. If you’ve never backed up before it can be as simple as buying an external hard drive, or even a large thumb drive, and dragging your important files over to the external drive periodically.

Saving your important files to a external drive is the first step. The next step will be to implement an automated system of backing up at least once a week. For that you need software. If you are running Windows Vista and you want to keep it simple the built in “Backup and Restore Center“ will help you set up weekly backups of all your important data. It’s very simple and works well, I’ve successfully used it to back up and restore all the important data on my daughters computer after a disaster.

For a more thorough backup solutions I prefer third party programs. Acronis True Image Home, is an excellent program. It has more capabilities that many users may want but it has the capability to make an entire image of your hard drive as well as do incremental backups periodically, afterward.


Programs that create an image, allow you to take the hard drive you backed up on, and put it in you machine and boot up like nothing ever happened. It saves your operating system, all of your programs, your settings and your data. The new version of Acronis has great new feature, it will perform dual backups to both a disk and hard drive at the same time.

This leads me to my last point, backing up to more than one location is very important. A simple solutions is to use two separate external hard drives, swap out one and backup to the second while you keep the other off site. This could be at work, at a friends house or anywhere away from your home.

Another effective off site backup is to do a backup to an online service of some kind. Microsoft offers a free 5 gigabyte storage service called “Skydrive” available to anyone with a Windows Live account. Amazon S3 service is another reliable online backup service, S3 isn’t free but you pay only for the space you use unlike some flat rate services.


Backing up is necessary inconvenience, developing a routine that fits your needs will make it relatively painless, and some day it will save you a lot of heartache. Remember there are two kinds of hard drives, those that have failed and those that will fail.

Many people get serious about backing up only, after they’ve lost all the pictures or music on their hard drive. There are many very good programs for backing up, either to local storage, or to an online service. I mentioned two which I’ve had experience with and trust, but there are many very good ones out there.

One last point.Some people using a new online backup services which offered “free” online storage from relatively new and unknown companies suddenly got a surprise when their online storage recently went offline forever, leaving them with no backup at all. So staying with companies like Amazon for your online “cloud” storage feels like a safe bet.

So backup early and often, because it’s all about the data.


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8 responses to “Hard Drive Back Up – It’s All About the Data

  1. The points made in this article cannot be emphasized strongly enough.. nor often enough.

    I am a Help and Support tech, and since I’ve been answering people’s calls for help, only one person has answered “yes” when I asked, “have you made a backup copy of your files recently?”

    With the virulence and efficacy of today’s malware, often times your best bet is to wipe your hard-drive and start fresh.. and a backup made before the infection is the difference between a disaster and a few wasted hours..

    • billmullins

      Excellent advice.

      It must be very frustrating, as a Help and Support tech, to consistently run
      into situations where a simple data back up could help resolve a difficult
      problem, and yet, no back up exists.

      Thank you for this important comment.


  2. g

    computing is like riding a motorcycle.

    if you haven’t crashed, you haven’t crashed YET.

    personally, i back my files up weekly to my external portable hard drive and monthly to another hard drive outside of my house. i’m fire proof that way!

    also, it is important (for me anyway) to make a disk image of my c drive periodically.

  3. For those of you who want to explore Amazon S3 I suggest to Download CloudBerry Explorer. It is a user interface on top of Amazon S3 and make working with S3 a breeze. It is also a freeware.

  4. Если что-то понятно само собой, то кому оно нужно?

  5. JR Bombadil

    Can’t I just make data copies of all my files on cd (and additional on memory stick) and just start all over from scratch on a clean slate if it’s really all that bad? My computer is really quite minimal usage only. All my files do fit on a cd?

    Do I really need to make a complete image of my hard drive? What are the obvious problems I’m not seeing here? And how much is a decent external hard drive? (I use a total of 8 Gb on my current hard drive.)



  6. Britney

    Its one thing to talk about backing up your computer, but who will ACTUALLY do it is the question. I’ve backed up before, just finished an essay about 5 minutes later, saved and had the blue screen of death. Lucky for me I had a data recovery program on hand (Selkie Rescue data Recovery) and now I use both for security. Point being, its just not good enough to only have a backup.