Free, Simple and New User Friendly PC Utilities – Pristy Utilities 2009

Frequently, new and casual computer users get left behind when it comes to PC utility software.

Developers of this type of application are prone to designing tools that require more than just a passing knowledge of how computer operating systems really work.

For many users, particularly new or casual computer users, a simple set of tools that does not require the user to be geek inclined, are more appropriate than a suite of tools that does everything but clean the kitchen sink.

Pristy Utilities 2009 is a simple but nonetheless powerful set of tools for new and casual computer users that includes the following comparatively basic modules:

System Power Down Scheduler – A fully customizable scheduler that allows the user to schedule Power down, Reboot, Sleep, Log off, Locking the desktop, etc. Includes timer presets with custom options.

PC Detector – Displays essentially the same information as Windows Device Manager but in a manner that is more new user friendly.

Web Assistant – I found this module particularly appealing since it allows a quick one click approach to multi-tab web browsing with integrated search engines including Web Search, News, and Services. Additional functions include transmitting emails and files over the Internet.

Additional modules include:

System Memory Cleaner – There are better, and more functional, free standalone memory utilities but in a pinch this can do the job.

File Wipeout – A simple file eraser; nothing special here.

Desktop Clock – A floating clock applet that additionally provides, date and CPU speed stats.

Vista Booster – Allows the optimization of Vista settings, CPU L2 setup, boot defragmentation, and fonts repair and install.

Toolbar and Tray Agent – Gives instant access to all application modules.

System Requirements: Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

Download at:

For a more robust set of system utilities checkout “Glary Utilities – Perfect Collection of Free System Tools” on this site.

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