Free ZoneAlarm Pro – One Day Only!

Update: November 18, 2008

Yesterday, when I wrote the following article, it was just a rumor that ZoneAlarm Pro would be free today. It’s not just a rumor anymore – the offer is legitimate. This morning, as a test, I downloaded a copy of this highly rated security suite.

On August 12, 2008 Check Point Software, the developers of the popular ZoneAlarm Firewall, offered a free, one day only, download of their then, newly released product ForceField.

Rumor has it that Check Point Software will again offer a free, one day only, download of their highly rated flagship product, ZoneAlarm Pro.

I’ve been told, by numerous sources, that this offer will be available on November 18, 2008 from 9 AM EST, until 9 Am EST November 19, 2008. It seems pointless, to me, to keep a promotion secret until the last minute but….

This free offer will also include a one year subscription to updates, support, and services.

I recall that the last free offer from Check Point Software was extremely popular, so get there early and avoid getting caught in server overload.

Fast facts on ZoneAlarm Pro:

Powerful multi-layered security and protection

Operating System Firewall

Network Firewall

Program Firewall

Anti-Spyware, Identity Theft Protection

Simple to install (step-by-step installation wizard gets you up and running quickly)

Easy to use (color-coded guides and secure “out of the box” settings)

Triple Defense Firewall protects against hackers and spyware

Anti-Spyware scans for and removes spyware

SmartDefense service keeps your security updated with the latest Internet threat information

ID and Privacy Protection

Email Security which detects and quarantines malicious email attachments

Automatic Wireless Security which detects and secures wireless networks

(Click pic for larger)

System requirements: Windows XP, Me, 2000, 98SE

Go to: ZoneAlarm – at the time of writing, this is the most likely download page. If this proves not to be the case, then checkout the home page for redirection.

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