A Conversation with Adware – Secrets Revealed!

If you could have an imaginary conversation with LOP, just one of the millions of malware/adware strains currently circulating on the Internet, it might go something like this –

I might be adware, but I’m pretty polite; I won’t infect your computer unless you invite me in. But I can count on lots of you doing just that.

I’ll accept your invitation, to infect your system if, for example, you download and install either of two rogue Peer to Peer (P2P) applications currently making the rounds on the Internet. BitRoll-, and Torrent101-4.5.0, are two programs that are used to exchange P2P files that I like to piggyback on.

Just so you know though, I’m pretty lazy so you won’t be able to actually download any files using these bogus applications.

My masters (some might call them cyber-crooks – actually, everyone calls them cyber-crooks), are experts at using false/rogue applications to install malicious code like me.

I’m a pretty neat piece of adware (my masters are pretty smart fellows), since I’ve been designed to display ads from a range of advertisers through pop-up windows, banner ads and so on. Oh, and I’ll automatically switch your Internet Explorer home page to my own search engine. One I particularly like is http://www.mp3search.com. When searches are made with this engine, the results that you get will be advertising pages that I choose to display.

(Sample misdirected search – click pic for larger)

Just in case you decide that I’m no longer welcome on your computer (that happens to me all the time), I’ll connect every so often to a web page from which I’ll download new files containing variants of myself which will make it difficult to delete all of my active malicious files on your system.

I should tell you that I’m extremely hard to get rid of, and just in case you try to get rid of me, I’ll make over 200+ changes to your Registry Keys. And in case that’s not enough to dissuade you from trying to kick me out, you should know that I have the ability to invite lots of my other adware friends over to party on your system.

I love to monitor your system’s processes, and I can even play with your security applications making them ineffective. Once I’ve done that, I can unleash my keylogger to capture your key strokes and just for fun, I might even scan your email address book so that I can bug your friends.

In my spare time I’m going to look around your operating system for vulnerabilities, because I’m pretty certain, that like many people, you haven’t installed the latest updates nor have you updated your security applications, like you’re supposed to.

Hey man, I’m here for a long, long visit, so think carefully before you offer me that invitation.

Have a good day now.

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12 responses to “A Conversation with Adware – Secrets Revealed!

  1. Hey.. I think a little computer infection would be worth it if I could meet that lady!

  2. Bill Mullins

    Hey Paul,

    Not hard to catch your attention, huh? LOL.


  3. g

    yeah, ditto what paul said!

    as long as it’s only a ‘puter infection. 🙂

  4. Uh.. yes, I did actually read the article.. but my eyes kept drifting back..

    Which is precisely the point (as you so consistently point out to your readers). These criminals want to capture my attention, and want me to click.
    And they try every method to accomplish this they can think of– sex, greed, fear, curiosity…

    And sometimes, we decide to take a chance..

    • billmullins

      Hey Paul,

      Social engineering, hmm. Seems to work, huh?

      As usual you make an observant comment.


  5. g

    i thought that was what sandboxie is for!!! lol

    • billmullins

      Hey Glenn,

      Because you are an astute computer user, you are aware of security tools
      including sandbox applications such as Sandboxie. Unfortunately, casual
      computer users, in many cases, are not only unaware of current threats on
      the Internet, they fail to update their operating system, installed
      applications and antimalware applications.

      Little wonder then, that cybercrime runs rampant on the Internet.


  6. Even I was distracted! But I was wondering how she didn’t get any bikini lines…well…never mind.

    Bill, your creepy “conversation” sounds like a sermon on inviting demons in. I always heard that Satan was a gentleman. If a cybercriminal wants to break into a system, the most effective approach is to try to exploit the weakest link – not operating systems, firewalls or encryption algorithms – but people.

    The best combat strategy against social engineering is user awareness. We are all in this together, and must help educate others.

    Safe surfing,
    Web of Trust

    • billmullins

      Hey Deb,

      You’re quite right – people are the weakest link in the chain.

      One could live in a Castle and feel that the strong walls provide unlimited
      protection; but if the drawbridge is down, and the enemy is invited in, then
      strong fortifications will offer no protection.


  7. Bill,

    Great post; with the lure and everything. I think I know that woman. I see “Alberta, which is in your area’… Yep it’s “TechPaula”…