Stop Viruses Dead with Free Avira AntiVir Personal

So, what are you looking for in a free antivirus application? How about an application that offers on demand scans for viruses, Trojans, backdoor programs, hoaxes, worms, dialers and other malicious programs?

As well, you’re probably looking for a program that monitors your interactions with your operating system to ensure that if a malicious program is detected it will be stopped dead in its tracks.

Finally, you’re looking for a free program that allows you to repair, delete, block, rename and quarantine programs, or files.

Well you’re in luck. Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic will meet, and even exceed, all of your requirements. This anti-virus program offers all of this comprehensive protection within an easy to use interface.

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In the 10 months I have been running Avira on my systems, I continue to be impressed with its performance, and I have come to rely on it as my primary anti-virus application. I highly recommend this one.

As an indication of this programs popularity, reports, it is the second most popular antivirus software (out of 305 products), offered for download on this site. Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition has been downloaded almost 19 million times, from this site alone.

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Fast facts:

Highly Configurable

Protection from viruses, worms and Trojans

Protection against expensive dialers

Protection from hidden rootkits

Extensive Malware Recognition

Version includes new Virus Engine update

New User Interface

Faster Scanning up to 20% faster than previous versions

Protection from phishing

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Download at:

Note: Free for home-users only.


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13 responses to “Stop Viruses Dead with Free Avira AntiVir Personal

  1. g

    I was an avid AVG user until you showed me the error of my ways. I have since switched to Avira and all I can say is it is soooo much better than AVG.

    Avira for the win!

  2. Hi Bill:

    Avira is a great Antivirus, one of the best I used; the only complaint I have is that updates sometimes take too long and the server sometimes is down.

    See Ya!

    • billmullins

      Hey Radams,

      Like you, I noticed that updating the definition file can sometimes take
      longer than I like. But, I’ve always considered that it’s a small price to
      pay for such a terrific free application.

      Thanks for turning me on to this program. Appreciate that.


  3. It is hard to beat Avira.
    Yes, there is a sales pitch popup screen when you first boot, but that is a minor annoyance compared to the speed and efficacy of this free tool.

    Currently, I have various XP and Vista machines running Avira, AVG 8, and Avast!.
    Avira is the quickest and least obtrusive.

    • billmullins

      Hey Paul,

      Very cool that you use AVG 8, and Avast!, as backup on demand virus
      scanners. Given the amount of malware in the wild, double checking with
      multiple scanners is very appropriate.


  4. Hi Bill,
    I agree Avira is an effective AV. Is there any way to disable the pop-up to purchase the full version every time you reboot?
    It’s the one negative I have about it and its a little over the top compared to some free programs that have a paid version.
    I saw your article on Malwarebytes as well, I think its an excellent program, very light on resources. I’m also using something called Superantispyware, it works quite well as well, despite its strange appearance.

    • billmullins

      Hi Mark,

      Glad to hear from you.

      No, I don’t know of any way to disable the pop-up. I suspect (although I
      haven’t tried it), that attempting to adjust the code responsible, could
      disable the whole application.

      Several months ago you mentioned Superantispyware (thanks for that), and
      I’ve been testing it since. In the next few weeks, I will write a review on
      this. Very impressed to this point.


  5. Mr. Mullins,
    I believe I need to make my self clearer.. Though I do “double check” by using additional AV ‘on demand’ (such as an online scan with Housecall, and a thumbdrive-mounted AV), what I meant to convey was that I have six machines, 3x Vista + 3x XP, and that I have compared/contrasted the three different AV’s “head-to-head”.

    I also have a couple machines testing the newer “combo” products (like AVG 8.0) that combine anti-spyware and antivirus into a single engine.
    With the possible exception of Spyware Doctor w/AV, I am not tremendously impressed.. so far.

    I continue to use, and recommend to clients, using a stand-alone AV (such as Avira), and two stand-alone anti-spyware– with one of those being heuristic.
    (I am in full concord with your published opinions that a great tool for that is ThreatFire.)

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to amend my earlier comment.

  6. whatsonmypc


    Will have to give Avira a try… I was always an AVG user, until the last version release. Currently running Avast…

    I too, give Superantispyware good marks…

    • billmullins

      Hi Rick,

      Thanks for the heads up on Superantispyware, I’m still checking this one.

      Like you, I have been an AVG user until version 8, which proved to be a
      disappointment. Avira has been a great replacement.


  7. very well explained and neatly written blog , i followed your explanation.

    thanks for writing this article