Drive-by Downloads – Update Your Browser Right Now!

Your Firewall and Security Applications along with your Browser security add-ons provide the ultimate in protection while you’re surfing the web, right? Well in a sense they do.

Paradoxically, it’s because current anti-malware solutions are marginally more effective than they have ever been in detecting worms and viruses, that we’re now faced with another insidious form of attack.

Drive-by downloads are not new; they’ve been lurking around for years it seems, but they’ve become much more common and more crafty recently.

More than three million unique URLs on over 180,000 websites are automatically installing malware via drive-by downloads, according to recent statements by the Google Anti-Malware Team.

Google has not been alone in noticing this trend by cyber-criminals using these techniques. According to IBM cyber-criminals are directly attacking web browsers in order to steal identities, gain access to online accounts and conduct other criminal activities.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, drive-by download, they are essentially programs that automatically download and installed on your computer without your knowledge. This action can occur while visiting an infected web site, opening an infected HTML email, or by clicking on a deceptive popup window.

Drive-by downloads work by targeting Internet browser vulnerabilities to download and run malware automatically when a user visits the site. Don’t think that by staying away from dangerous website such as adult sites that you’re any safer. The fact is these infected websites are all over the Internet.

Often more than one program is downloaded, for example, file sharing with tracking spyware is very common. Again, it’s important to remember that this can take place without warning, or your approval.

Recent statistics seem to indicate that 40% of frequent Internet users continue to use an outdated version of their current Internet browser. Statistics generated from my own Blog stats put this figure at 31%. These users’ are essentially already victims just waiting to be victimized again.

Do you want to ensure you are protected, or to reduce the chances you will become a victim? Then there is a really easy way to do that – update your browser to the latest version now. Right now!

While all Internet browsers can be subject to vulnerabilities, the free FireFox browser from Mozilla is the browser of choice for most security conscious users, and is preferred by those who tend to think “Geeky”, due to the amazing number of add-ons that increase safety and functionality.

Download FireFox here.

You need to be proactive when it comes to your computer’s security by making sure you have adequate software based protection to reduce the chances that your machine will become infected.

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