Virus Response Lab 2009 (VirusResponse Lab 2009) – Removal Solutions

The one thing we know for sure about Rogue Security Software is its very smart.

It’s so smart that it often recreates its own component parts, even if it has been deleted. How smart is that?

Rogue security software can write itself into multiple parts of the operating system and in many cases it can hide its files, registry entries, running process and services, making the infection virtually impossible to find and remove.

Experienced computer users’ have come to realize that the Internet is alive with predators intent on installing damaging programs, (Rogue Security Software, spyware, adware, viruses and Trojans), on vulnerable computer systems.

However, the sad reality is, the majority of computer users are undereducated when it comes to recognizing the dangers and threats that the Internet poses to their computers, and to their personal privacy.

The installation of Rogue Security Software can often cost the unfortunate victim loads of money in an attempt to get rid of it; invariable leads to a critically disabled PC, or in the worst case scenario, the possibility exists for hackers to gain access to important personal and financial information.

There seems to be no end to the release of new Rogue Security threats, and once again we are forced to deal with a new variant of an older rogue application. Virus Response Lab 2009, a clone of Antivirus Lab 2009, is now circulating on the Internet seeking out unaware users in order to steal their money.

The objective of Virus Response Lab 2009, which is the objective of all Rogue Security Software, is to convince the victim to pay for the “full” version of the application in order to remove what are, in fact, false positives that this program is designed to display on the infected computer in various ways, including fake scan results, pop-ups and system tray notifications.

This rogue application is designed to load on boot up and will then generate its fake or false malware detection warnings. Even if the victim is tricked into paying for the “full” version, Virus Response Lab 2009 continues to run as a background process incessantly reporting those fake or false malware detection warnings. Over time, this type of software will essentially destroy the victim’s computer operating system, making the machine unusable.

In the last year, or so, I have heard some horrendous stories from readers where the common thread has been the debiting of their credit cards, multiple times, by the cyber-criminals responsible for the distribution of Rogue Security Software.

If you are a victim of this or other Rogue Security Software, the following removal solutions will be invaluable. The individuals/companies, who wrote and developed these free tools, are to be congratulated for giving back so freely to the Internet community.

Without their generous efforts, those infected by this and other rogue applications, would be faced with the unenviable task of performing a complete system reinstall, with a strong probability of losing irreplaceable Hard Drive data.

Removal Solutions:

Bleeping Computer is a web site where help is available for many computer related problems, including the removal of rogue software.

Rogue Fix at Internet Inspiration

SmitFraudFix, available for download at Geekstogo is a free tool that is continuously updated to assist victims of rogue security applications.

Malwarebytes, a reliable anti-malware company has created a free application to help keep you safe and secure. RogueRemover will safely remove a number of rogue security applications.

What you can do to reduce the chances of infecting your system with rogue security software.

Be careful in downloading freeware or shareware programs. Spyware is occasionally concealed in these programs. Download this type of program only through reputable web sites such as, or sites that you know to be safe.

Consider carefully the inherent risks attached to peer-to-peer (P2P), or file sharing applications where exposure to rogue security applications is widespread.

Install an Internet Browser add-on that provides protection against questionable or unsafe websites. My personal favorite is Web of Trust, an Internet Explorer/FireFox add-on that offers substantial protection against questionable or unsafe websites.


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47 responses to “Virus Response Lab 2009 (VirusResponse Lab 2009) – Removal Solutions

  1. Thanks bill
    added to my blacklist….

  2. Simpa Godwin

    Thanks a trillion! A server system used for development was unfortunately infected with VirusResponses. No one could imagine what would result without the solution proffered by you, perharps fatal system crash.
    Please can you do me a favor of keep notifying me of news about systems threats in circulation via the supplied email ( I’ll appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. omo

    holy shit thx a ton for the info
    and yes it did work
    please let me know of anything in the future

  4. wb

    virus lab 2009 wiped out by malwarebytes just like they said it would tobad it couldn’t wipe out the people that did it

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  7. please help me, i’ve been hit by virus response lab infections and i’ve tried downloding software to remove it but it’s not working. can you help please???

  8. lsdflsjlf

    unfortunately for me i was tricked to download the virusREsponse on some kind of sex and porno ad. fuck.

  9. Monza

    Thanks so much for this! I had the worst time trying to get rid of it but as wb said malwarebytes killed it.

  10. Bill,

    I’ve removed or attempted to remove some of these “rogue” antivirus / anti-spyware programs from people’s PCs using “smitfraud.exe and anything else I can find via research on the internet… Have to wonder how in the world do they get introduced to their system? Plishing, email, ??? Great articles by the way.


  11. marc

    I got this anddownloaded it (not the full pay version) before I realized it was probably a scam. I have a Mac – should I be concerned? Thanks.

  12. There are many ” Anti-Virus ” virii floating around the internet.

    If you need a free AV or Firewall, stick with the big names!

  13. Kathleen

    I have been hit with the Virus Response Lab 2009 on my desktop computer. The virus will not let me on the internet to download a program to remove the virus. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Nicole

    Help. The Virus Response Lab 2009 popped up on my computer about a week ago. I have not downloaded anything. I have been ignoring it for the last week. How should I go about getting rid of it!?

  15. David

    One of those help bubbles that pops up in the bottom right of the computer appeared and said “System Alert!: System has detected a number of active spyware applications that may impact the performance of your computer. Click the icon to get rid of unwanted spyware by downloading an up-to-date antispyware solution.” When I clicked on the bubble the Virus Response Lab 2009 website popped up. I haven’t downloaded or subscribed to it or anything but different stuff keeps popping up including that annoying help bubble. In addition I also got the Advanced Antivirus rogue. I downloaded and subscribed to Spyware Doctor and I think that has taken care of that for the most part at least. I’ve also used LavaSoft’s Ad-Aware b/c that helped me in the past with my old computer. My system is still going really slow ever since all this happened about a week ago. If you could help me on coming up with a comprehensive solution to help restore my computer that would be awesome. Thanks

  16. betsy

    Got Virus Response Lab 2009 two days ago. Don’t have a clue how. Goggled it today and found your blog. THANK YOU!!!!!! Malwarebytes seems to have killed it!

  17. Ciaran

    Anti-Malware seems to have done the job….I hope! Well the pop-ups that I had for the past hour and a half are now gone. The virus wouldn’t let me go onto the website itself so I had to google it and find a link.

    I REALLY hope this is over…it’s 4 in the morning and time for bed!!

  18. Hussain

    how to remove “virus response lab2009″. it had been istalled in my system. pls help me

  19. nish

    had a similiar problem with virus response 2009…
    PC was infected by “active X” which was required to watch a movie online. The virus was constantly flashing “warning massage” on system tray….Clicking on system icon would open their website. I immediately knew that it was a virus. I searched a little bit and found this website. Thank god.

    I initially tried with “malwarebytes”. Scan report showed me that “virus response2009 was detected and will be removed” ….but malwarebytes was unable to remove this bastard.

    Then I tried “smitFraudFix”, scanned my PC and removed all malware and spyware in “safe mode” THE VIRUS RESPONSE 2009 HAS SUCCESSFULLY BEEN REMOVED BY SMITFRAUDFIX……Now I don’t see popping massage in my system tray……

    I hope it helps……..

  20. Dave – you guys are awesome!

    Quicker and more thorough than McAfee and free.

    Nice one…

  21. Mengyu

    Thank you! With your instruction, I successfully remove the damn Virus Response Lab 2009

  22. Frances

    Malwarebytes worked perfectly — THanks so much for the post. Really appreciated

  23. Sammy

    Adaware/McAfee didn’t resolve it. Malwarebytes worked – Thanks

  24. Ahmad Syed

    Just ran a virus scan from NOD32 and removed it with in 4 seconds

  25. A-Tron

    Man O man I bow to ur knees. Thnx a ton got rid of that stupid VirusResponseLab in a heart beat. My computer was so slow then biggity bang killed that crap. Thnx again… and use the Malwarebytes it worked for me now im clean.

  26. kaps

    Thnx for ur help buddy..i get rid of tht fucking virusresponce lab 2009…i thought it wll fuck me till 2009.but thnx to u…long live u…plz guide all of us whenever we get infected through ur blog…thnk u very much…

  27. Renate Kellner

    What to do if my husband downloaded that darn thing – how do I get rid of it?

  28. Bon

    hello seems the malwarebytes killed almost all those b.tches..i still have 1 problem though, i still have this pop-up System alert once in a know what im talkin about, the one when you click it’ll redirect you to internet explorer..

    it seems this is the last thing i would be concern of..i need your help..thanks in advance


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  30. randy

    Did updates from Microsoft last night. Today Virus Lab Response 2009 has been deleted completely.

  31. antish

    Hey responding to
    hello seems the malwarebytes killed almost all those b.tches..i still have 1 problem though, i still have this pop-up System alert once in a know what im talkin about, the one when you click it’ll redirect you to internet explorer..

    it seems this is the last thing i would be concern of..i need your help..thanks in advance

    By: Bon on October 16, 2008
    at 11:33 am

    i also get this popup form time to time…did u get any way to sort this out?? brcause sometime it’s really anoying!!

  32. hon

    removal of virus response 2009

  33. rai

    thanks a bunch! i was going crazy trying to remove that damn virus response lab 2009, your article was a big help! ^^

  34. cindy

    thank you so much I was so annoyed!! thank you thank you, but like the article says it can recreate itself so how do we know we REALLY got rid of it?

  35. keith

    I figured it to be a scam. I unpluged my computer from theinternet and it still said I was getting an infection. I have bullwork and it is usually good at getting rid of things like this. This program however does not show up anywhere they said it was. I can’t find it to get rid of it.

  36. Mike

    Thanks a million, took an hour to scan but killed the thing, an exellent tool.

  37. Roy

    I just want to thank you a million cause it really had me frustrated and it can cause a lot of damage if you ignore it. Malwarebytes seems to have done the trick for me.But like some one before me already asked…if it recreates itself how can we be sure that we’re in the clear?
    Any how thanks again and much respect to all of you for sharing solutions to get rid of these scams

  38. anthony

    so if this malware program gets rid of it, how do we know that its actually gone for sure? whats to say it wont just recreate itself like you said it does even after you delete it?

  39. vaithi

    Awesome….thanks a lot..!!! malwarebytes really worked … !!!!

  40. Patricia Standridge

    I am mad..I want my money back computers and now my daughter’s computer is ruined because of your damn virus…thanks

  41. did you check the support forum from Bicester Computers? these guys have found a solution some long time ago that not just removes it but it stop the thread from installing again.
    good luck

  42. Dennis

    I just used Malwarebytes’ (after three days of thrashing), It worked beautifully and completely! Not only is that POS gone, but my computer RIPS! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

    Note: remove other antivirus programs before running Malwarebytes’, it claims to be compatible, but I had some freeze issues until I removed Spyware Doctor.

  43. disculpen pero necesito ayuda el maldito VirusResponse 2009 se instalo solo ya lo scanee pero en NOD32 NO LO DECTETO que puedo hacer?

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