Free Cerberus Security Guard – Increase Security/Change System Settings

In Greek mythology Cerberus is the three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades; so I found it a curious name for a suite of system and privacy tools designed for new and intermediate level computer users’.

Every running, but unused, service on your machine can be an unnecessary security vulnerability. If a service is not required for authorized users and system functionality, it may well be to your advantage to turn it off.

If you’re a Techie, or a highly skilled computer user, it’s very likely that you have the knowledge and skill to make adjustments to virtually all of your operating system manually, using the Services option of Administrative Tools to attain maximum performance.

But a novice/casual, or even an intermediate computer user, will often need a software tool to help determine which services and system components can be safely modified.

Fortunately, there are a number of free tools available that will help any computer user, novice or not, to determine which services/system components can be safely modified.

Cerberus Security Guard, a free application from Best Security Tips, will allow a typical or novice user to increase system security by disabling or optimizing selected services and system components from a central console. As well, modifications can be made to the operations of Internet Explorer, FireFox/Mozilla, and Media Player.

Since adjusting service settings incorrectly has the potential to create some rather nasty problems, the program offers both a Backup and a Restore function.

An additional advantage in optimizing services and system components is this can often lead to improvements in system performance and boot time; although it’s fair to say that in the Tech community there is some disagreement as to whether this is an accurate statement.

If you decide to install this small application you can determine for yourself if you’ve had an improvement in system performance.

There were a number of things on installation that bothered me – I don’t like applications that configure themselves to auto start on boot; this one did. Since I have WinPatrol installed, it was easy to disallow auto start.

I particularly dislike applications that seek screen access; but again, since I run SnoopFree Privacy Shield, it was easy to reject this request. Finally, this is one more application that offers to install a so called “Security Toolbar” – automatic rejection.

Quick facts:

Manage Windows security and privacy settings

Central console to make adjustments

Modify Internet Explorer, FireFox/Mozilla, and Media Player

Backup and Restore function

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Microsoft .NET Framework

Download at:


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