I am LOP – I am Adware – I WILL Control Your Computer

I might be adware, but I’m pretty polite; I won’t infect your computer unless you invite me in. But I can count on lots of you doing just that.

I’ll accept your invitation, to infect your system, if you download and install either of two rogue Peer to Peer (P2P) applications currently making the rounds on the Internet. BitRoll-, and Torrent101-4.5.0, are two programs that are used to exchange P2P files that I like to piggyback on.

Just so you know though, I’m pretty lazy so you won’t be able to actually download any files using these bogus applications.

My masters (some might call them cyber-crooks – actually, everyone calls them cyber-crooks), are experts at using false/rogue applications to install malicious code like me.

I’m a pretty neat piece of adware (my masters are pretty smart fellows), since I’ve been designed to display ads from a range of advertisers through pop-up windows, banners ads and so on. Oh, and I’ll automatically switch your Internet Explorer home page to my own search engine. One I particularly like is http://www.mp3search.com. When searches are made with this engine, the results that you get will be advertising pages that I choose to display.

Just in case you decide that I’m no longer welcome on your computer (that happens to me all the time), I’ll connect every so often to a web page from which I’ll download new files containing variants of myself which will make it difficult to delete all of my active malicious files on your system.

I should tell you that I’m extremely hard to get rid of, and just in case you try to get rid of me, I’ll make over 200+ changes to your Registry Keys. And in case that’s not enough to dissuade you from trying to kick me out, you should know that I have the ability to invite lots of my other adware friends over to party on your system.

I love to monitor your system’s processes, and I can even play with your security applications making them ineffective. Once I’ve done that, I can unleash my keylogger to capture your key strokes and just for fun, I might even scan your email address book so that I can bug your friends.

In my spare time I’m going to look around your operating system for vulnerabilities, because I’m pretty certain, that like many people, you haven’t installed the latest updates nor have you updated your security applications, like you’re supposed to.

Hey man, I’m here for a long, long visit, so think carefully before you offer me that invitation.

Have a good day now.

Elsewhere on this Blog you can read an article on free anti-malware programs, including anti-virus software, and you can download those that may suit your needs.


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6 responses to “I am LOP – I am Adware – I WILL Control Your Computer

  1. Beautifully done, Mr. Mullins.

    Folks, this modern type of malware — should you acquire it — really is best “removed” by formating your HHD and re-Installing your operating system (a “wipe+reinstall”), all your applications, and restoring your files from a backup.

    I strongly urge you (I emplore you) to make a backup today.
    Every week I am told, “but I can’t lose my photos! (or paid music, or business documents)”.
    Well, if you haven’t made copies.. yes, you can.

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  3. Wayne Downing

    Wow — this is the kind of malware I expected AntiVirus XP 2008 to be. I like rarst’s solution in the comments to mine — it’s always good to have a LiveCD of some sort to boot your computer when something like this happens.

    While my solution was very thorough, it still can’t clean bogus registry entries on the infected computer automatically. Rarst’s solution looks like it may be better for registry cleaning, if you’re using a LiveCD that runs Windows. Also, with either set of solutions, if you have been infected with a virus like this, shut down the infected computer and wait a few days for your antivirus provider to be able to provide patches. Then use the LiveCD method (or my method) to eradicate the virus off the infected computer after updating the virus definitions.

    It won’t matter what registry keys are in place or modified if you follow the steps in the XP Antivirus 2008/2009 Advanced User Removal Solution, because the last few steps (installing Avast or some other antivirus in safe mode without network support) will prevent the virus from reinfecting the computer, as long as you wait to surf the ‘net until after you get the “virus database has been updated” message. At that point, most of the “bad” registry keys will be neutralized too.

    Of course, if you don’t want to go through that rather long process, your best bet is, as Bill says, backup regularly. I would also advise that, depending on your backup method, scan your backup for viruses every so often, as the newest viruses won’t be found (and may get backed up with everything else) until a week or so later.

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  6. betterworldforus

    yeah adwares and spywares… just destroy all ur system… makes ur memory runs out…

    really sucks!

    thanks for the post!