Free Wise Registry Cleaner – Safe for New Users

A packed, cluttered registry can often be one of the major causes of computer slowdown, and in some cases, computer malfunction. As well, a messy registry can cause programs to stop working properly, and it can lead to frustration while you wait for the operating system to load, often at a snails pace.

Even with a new/newer computer, the loading of the operating system and application software can, over time, create redundant errors and leave unnecessary entries in the registry. This is where a Registry cleaner can prove its value.

If you’re a relatively new computer user it’s important that you choose a Registry cleaner which will clean your Registry easily, thoroughly, and most importantly for you as a new user, safely.

Wise Registry Cleaner is a free, non aggressive application that, as one of my friends says, hits a home run in the safety department. As it searches the Registry for obsolete/redundant registry keys, it differentiates between those that are “safe to fix”, and those that are “not fully safe to fix”. To provide the greatest safety factor for those who are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with cleaning the Registry, the application’s default removal setting is “safe to fix”.

In testing I found it was not particularly fast; certainly not as fast as my personal favorite registry cleaner for experienced users, RegSeeker. I did however find it to be very thorough in that it found 74 issues on my test platform; 55 entries in the category “safe to fix” and 19 entries in the “not fully safe” to remove category.

To clean your registry, just launch the program, click on “Scan” and the program will find, and then give you the option of removing, unneeded registry entries. By removing any unnecessary registry entries you will have taken an important first step toward optimizing your computer.

Despite the fact Wise Registry Cleaner has an automatic registry backup feature, I strongly recommend that you analyze the search results very carefully, and then ensure that you have used the backup feature before deleting any registry entries.

System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista

Download at:


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  8. Great Knowledge Website.tell me more knowledge abt Free Wise Registry Cleaner – Safe for New Users.

  9. There are 100+ title of registry cleaners on the market. Download and scan your PC to compare them. Sometimes the free version better than the paid version. Great post. Thanks.