Safer Surfing With WOT – Find Out How!

WOT is a free Internet Browser resource (my personal favorite), that has established an impressive 4.5/5.0 star user rating on CNET, and is rapidly growing as a FireFox Add-on at the Mozilla add-on site.

WOT investigates web sites you are visiting for spyware, spam, viruses, browser exploits, unreliable online shops, phishing, and online scams, helping you avoid unsafe web sites.

WOT operates in a unique fashion in order to offer active protection to the Internet user community. It stands out from the crowd of similar applications, by soliciting the opinions of users/members whose views on web site safety are incorporated into the overall site safety rating. According to WOT, the user community now has reputation data on nearly 20 million sites worldwide.

The advantages of user participation in exchanging their personal knowledge regarding a web site, in my view, cannot be overemphasized. It allows for a new and exciting trend in Internet security, and that is the concept of “people driven security”. A concept that encompasses the philosophy, that we are all responsible for each others security on the Internet.

The shared information on a site’s reputation includes trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety. As well, in order to achieve maximum security coverage, WOT uses thousands of trusted sources including phishing site listings, to keep users protected against rapidly spreading threats.

WOT integrates seamlessly with search engine results from popular search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN and other popular sites, and provides impressive protection against Internet predators.

How WOT works

The Browser add-on’s icon, displays a color rating for each site you visit, indicating whether a site is safe to use, should be used with caution, or avoided entirely. Using traffic light colors, (green, yellow, and red), WOT leaves you in no doubt as to the safety rating of a web site. An impressive feature of WOT is the dropdown transparent warning curtain, triggered on visiting a dangerous site.

Recognizing that up to ten percent of Internet users are at a disadvantage however, due to colorblindness, and cannot rely on an Internet safety system based on color coding, the Web of Trust development team recently released an adaptive version of WOT. This version incorporates equivalent alternative information, through assistive or adaptive technology, for colorblind users.

This colorblind accessible application provides the same critical benefits to those individuals who have to contend with visual impairments, as it has to those of us who have come to rely on WOT as a major defense against the pervasive hazards we encounter on the Internet.

Esa Suurio, CEO of Against Intuition Inc. referring to WOT’s development, stated in part “Our goal is to make the Internet a safer place for everyone”. You too can do your part in enhancing protection for all Internet users, by installing WOT.

Quick facts – WOT checks the following:


Vendor reliability


Child Safety

More quick facts:

Ratings for almost 20 million websites

Downloaded over 500,000 times

The WOT browser add-on is light and updates automatically

WOT rating icons appear beside search results in Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Gmail, etc.

Settings can be customized to better protect your family

WOT Security Scorecard shows rating details and user comments

Works with Internet Explorer and FireFox

Interface supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Finnish.

Surf more securely by installing this browser add-on which will provide you with an in-depth site analysis based on real world results. Keep in mind however, that you are your own best protection. Stop · Think · Click

Download at: MyWot

Watch a demo video showing how WOT works in practice.


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  7. I use it all the time and enjoy it very much, it tends to only wanr me on “pop up ads”, but, nonetheless, I enjoy the firefox plugin.



  8. Jim

    I am using Mcafee Site Advisor right now but am looking for something better. A lot of sites Site Advisor gives the green light for are actually malicious websites! I will take a look at this program seems like it could be good.

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  11. Joan

    Hi – I have downloaded WOT onto my computer & tried to install it to my browser, but for some reason it doesn’t work. There is no evidence that WOT is anywhere on my browser. Can someone help me get this installation to work – PLEASE!

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  15. Great blog, found this very interesting, thanks

  16. Boulfoul

    Found this very interesting, thanks

  17. Daryl

    Great News!! You can now download a version of WOT for Internet Explorer! SWEEEET!! Works fantasic!