Spyware Doctor Starter Edition – The Best Secondary Malware Tool

As I wrote recently, Spyware Terminator is my current application of choice for active real-time protection in the spyware wars that we, as computer users, are involved in any time we log onto the Internet.

Having tested virtually all of the major anti-spyware apps over the last year or more, I’ve settled, for now, on Spyware Terminator primarily due to this strong real-time protection against spyware, adware, Trojans, key-loggers, home page hijackers and other malware threats.

As we know however, there is no one anti-malware tool that is likely to identify and remove all of the millions of rogue malware that infest the cyber world. So to ensure maximum safety, it’s important to have layered defenses in the ongoing fight against malware.

An excellent choice, as a secondary line of defense, is Spyware Doctor Starter Edition from PC Tools. This free version of the award winning program, with its easy to employ interface, is used by millions of people worldwide to protect their computers; it’s reported there are a million+ additional downloads every week.

I have been able to establish through various forums and user groups, that the free version and the paid version have identical detection rates. However, the most important real-time protection functions are disabled in the free version.

File protection is the only real time protection that operates in the free version and unfortunately, this level of real-time protection is inadequate in the current Internet environment.

I would not recommend then, that you use this free version of Spyware Doctor as a stand alone security application since it simply will not offer you adequate protection. Instead, use it only as an on-demand scanner.

Despite this real-time protection shortcoming in the free version, Spyware Doctor has an excellent reputation as a first class security application, and I highly recommend that you add this free version to your security toolbox to be used as a secondary line of defense.

Quick Facts:

Spyware protection

Adware protection

Scan and Remove

Smart Updates

Limited OnGuard Protection Note: Be particularly aware of this limitation.

You can download the free Spyware Doctor Starter Edition via Google Pack, or better yet download this application at Download.com and save yourself some hassle.

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Download at: Download.com


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