Free ProcessScanner – Know What’s Running on Your Computer!

Because I’m an extremely security conscious computer user, justifiable so, I’m greatly interested in any new tool that can assist me in keeping my machines free of harmful, or potentially harmful, processes or services.

I’m also very much a tinkerer when it comes to getting the best performance out of my computer systems by reducing system overhead. To do that, I need to know exactly what’s running in the background on my machines.

If you’re a highly skilled computer user it’s probable that you’re aware of every process running in the background, the application or service that is responsible for launching it, and the function it performs. Better yet, you probably have the know-how to selectively kill processes to optimize memory use and trim your machine for maximum performance.

But what if you’re a novice or casual computer user? Where can you get the information on running processes so that you can make an accurate assessment on whether to kill a process or not?

Fortunately, there are a number of free tools available that will help any computer user, novice or not, to determine which process/processes are safe/harmful and which process/processes can be safely shut down. (a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner), the company that offers what has often been called the world’s leading and most definitive process listing service available for Windows users, recently released ProcessScanner.

This small, free executable scans your Windows computer for all running processes, and by connecting to the site, provides you with information on what processes are running, what each process is associated with, and most importantly, a risk analysis of each process using a color coded reporting system.

A range of risk from safe to dangerous is provided for each running process, followed by advice on appropriate action you should consider taking regarding the listed processes.

The information derived can be used for multiple purposes.

ProcessScanner can warn you of potentially harmful processes running in the background.

ProcessScanner provides information from which you can determine which non-essential processes are running.

For example, I continuously notice on machines running XP Professional particularly, the large number of unnecessary processes or services that load on startup, which add limited or no functionally, to the specific computer.

This free service from can help you determine which of these processes or services you can turn off. However, be careful in turning off services. Spend some time on the Internet investigating which services are safe to turn off. Turn off the wrong one(s), and you may find that you are unable to boot your machine.

Quick facts:

No installation required

Portable device compliant

Fast scan time

Identification of all running processes

Threat level of all processes


If you’re like me, and you are always looking for additional applications to add to your security toolbox, or you are simply curious about what’s happening behind the scene on your machine, then I highly recommend you download this program.

System Requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Download at: Uniblue

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