Open a Greeting Card Email – Get Infected by Malware!

This morning my email inbox in two of the five email services that I use, held a surprise for me with an email that declared I had received a greeting card from Hallmark E-Cards.

I can hear you asking – so what? What’s the problem with receiving a Hallmark E-Card in your inbox? Well, in most cases maybe nothing. But…..

Security experts are now warning that email accounts are being inundated with greeting card announcements that if accessed, will attempt to install a horde of malicious software on your computer system. The end result of this could be cyber criminals would have access to your system.

This is not a new scam, or even a new approach to scamming. I well remember last year, when email inboxes were being swamped with similar scamming emails from sites like and

The hook, as it always is in this type of socially engineered email scam, is based on exploiting our curiosity. The fact is, we are all pretty curious creatures and let’s face it, who doesn’t like surprises. I think it’s safe to say, we all love to receive good news via email greeting cards.

What to watch for:

In this scam the body text of the message urges you to open an attachment so that you can see the greeting card. However, the attached file, postcard.exe, is a text file filled with nonsense lettering. This is intentional, and it’s designed to sidetrack the receiver while malware is installed in the background.

You know what to do, right?

Don’t open emails that come from untrusted sources.

Don’t run files that you receive via email without making sure of their origin.

Don’t click links in emails. If they come from a known source, type them on the browser’s address bar. If they come from an untrusted source, simply ignore them, as they could take you to a web site designed to download malware onto your computer.

Keep your computer protected. Install a security solution and keep it up-to-date.

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