Free Desktop Publishing! – PagePlus SE from SerifSoftware

Have you always wanted to give Desktop Publishing a try but you found the cost of a high end program prohibitive? Interested in producing a business newsletter, company newsletter or an employee newsletter? Want to produce a clean, bright design that will enhance your newsletter’s message?

Well if you answered “yes” to any of these questions; now you can do it for free.

SerifSoftware entices you in an unusual way to buy, or upgrade, to their latest software offerings. They will give you, free of charge, an older version of any of their software packages. An interesting twist on the usual “try it for free for 30 days”, we are all pretty familiar with.

Having used and tested, Serif’s free editions for 10+ years now, I find that even their older software is more than up to the tasks I set.

Sure, the applications may be older than the current versions, but in terms of functionality and features, generally you are not missing much. Most software today, tends to be overblown and bloated with features that many users have little or no need of. In these older free versions there are not as many tools as one might find with more recent products, but those that are there tend to be the ones that are most used by typical users.

PagePlus SE from Serif comes complete with Automated Templates for just about any Desktop Publishing project, making it easy to get professional quality results. If you’re comfortable using a word processor, then you’ll be comfortable with this application.

This neat little Desktop Publishing application includes a range of preset document layouts, automated templates, great color schemes and artistic effects, which will allow you to produce professional looking results.

I found the graphical user interface very intuitive and that combined with even basic word processing skills, makes the learning curve extremely short.

I have used Microsoft Publisher extensively in the past, and I found this application an acceptable substitute for all but the most complex tasks. Give it a try.

Quick Facts:

  • Multiple Document Types – wide range of preset document layouts to help you design professional-looking documents
  • Table Tool – stylish, high-impact tables
  • QuickShapes – array of fully customizable QuickShapes
  • Artistic Text – designer text with transparency effects, bitmap fills and graduated colors
  • Design Studio – drag ‘n’ drop access with fills, fonts, and line
  • Color Schemes – choose from a range of color schemes
  • Multiple Master Pages – multiple master pages – varied page styles – apply master pages to different sections of your publications
  • Automated Templates – free downloadable ready-made template packs
  • Graphics Inline With Text – graphics stay with their associated words
  • Page Manager – add, copy and delete pages or assign new master pages
  • On-Screen Spell Checker – automatic underlining of misspelled words.

Download at: FreeSerifSoftware

A real bonus offered by the software’s publisher is an additional 500+ templates and designs which can be downloaded at FreeSerifSoftware.

As well, you can join in discussions, share ideas and obtain support at the application’s support forum.


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    Bill: Does this program have templates for making calendars?

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