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Windows Task Manager is a bit of a tease. Sure it provides you with some usable information, but it falls far short of providing what you may really need. It is most commonly used to display information on all processes running on your computer, as well as advising you of the CPU and memory usage stats for a giving process. Additional selective information is also available.

From within Task Manger you have the option of selectively killing processes. But how do you determine which ones are safe to kill based on the limited information Task Manager provides.

If you’re a skilled computer user it’s probable you’re aware of every process running in the background, the application or service that is responsible for launching it, and the function it performs. Better yet, you probably have the know-how to selectively kill processes to optimize memory use and trim your machine for maximum performance.

But what if you’re a novice computer user? Where can you get the information on running processes so that you can make an accurate assessment on whether to kill a process or not?

Fortunately, there are a number of free tools available that will help any computer user, novice or not, to determine which process/processes can be safely shut down.

One such free application is ProcessQuickLink 2, a small application (413 KB), from Uniblue Systems, the company which provides the indispensable process listing database, to the computing community free.

After downloading and installing ProcessQuickLink 2 the latest process information will be available to you directly through Windows Task Manager. Simply click on the Icon which will now be visible in Task Manager’s process tab and the website will be accessed where the essential information can be viewed. The information provided is extensive enough to allow you to make an educated decision on the process.

If you’ve always wondered just what all those processes running in the background on your computer are up to, this cool little application will give you all the information you need.

Quick facts:

  • Instant access to process descriptions and advice through the Task Manager
  • Quickly and easily search 9000+ entries in database
  • Free – new process descriptions are added on a weekly basis

System requirements: Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista

Download at: Uniblue Systems


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