Free DriverMax – Backup Device and System Drivers

So, the last time you had to do a full re-install of Windows, (if you haven’t yet you will), you discovered that the most frustrating part of the process was the installation of all those device drivers.

Most of us tend not to think about device drivers until the time comes when we end up searching high and low for the original install CD’s following an operating system re-install, or worse, spending hours on the Internet tracking down those hard to pin down drivers.

Well, help is at hand. DriverMax is a free register ware program that makes it easy to backup and reinstall all your Windows drivers. Using DriverMax, you simply export all of your current drivers to a folder or a compressed file of your choice.

After reinstalling Windows the Import Drivers wizard helps you install the drivers that you exported earlier. The entire operation can usually be done in 5-10 minutes, as opposed to the hours that the alternative requires.

All you need to do then is restart your computer and all those drivers will be automatically reinstalled.

Quick Facts:

  • Wizard based user interface
  • Export drivers based on filtering
  • Export drivers to a folder or to a compressed folder
  • Fast exporting and importing of drivers
  • Free registration code required within 30 days

This is a great little application that should be part of your recovery toolbox.

Requirements: Windows XP/2003 Server/Vista

Download at:


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