Free MojoPac Freedom – Portable Computing on a USB Device

MojoPac Freedom is a free software virtualization product from RingCube Technologies which turns any USB2 storage device, such as iPods, USB flash drives, portable hard drives, USB-enabled cell phones, and USB-enabled digital cameras, into a portable computing environment.

The software allows you to carry applications and files from your office to your home or to a tradeshow in Paris for example, on a device that can fit in your pocket. You can then access your usual software applications by plugging in your iPod or USB drive to any PC anywhere in the world. Your language settings are stored on your MojoPac – which means you can connect to a PC in France and still have your environment and applications in English!

To setup the MojoPac device, just run the installer and select a USB device attached to the system. Once MojoPac is installed, it creates an executable in the root of that device, along with an auto run file that gives you the option of starting the MojoPac environment automatically when the device is plugged in.

Once the application is started, a new Windows Desktop (with its own wallpaper, icons, shell, etc.) is started in the virtualized MojoPac environment. Any application that runs inside this environment runs off the USB device without affecting the file system of the host.

You can install most applications (including applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Firefox) on the portable storage device by simply running that applications installer inside the MojoPac environment.

You can switch between the host environment and the MojoPac environment at any time by using the MojoBar at the top of the screen. Once you’ve finished with the applications, just exit out of MojoPac and eject the USB device. When the portable storage device is disconnected from the host, there are no traces left behind on the host computer.

To run your applications on a different computer, you don’t need to reinstall the application. Simply plug the portable storage device into any Windows XP/Vista computer. All of your settings, applications, and documents function the same way irrespective of which computer the portable storage device is connected to.

Take your work with you:

You never have to load work applications on your home system again, or worry about data synchronization. MojoPac can keep all your work applications and data completely separated from your home PC’s disk drive. And once you remove the MojoPac-enabled device, your home PC will not retain a trace of your work information.

Take your home with you:

You can use MojoPac to take your personal applications (for example, multimedia, finance, games, instant message clients, and personal browser) to work with you; connect to your work PC to run all these apps in the privacy of your MojoPac device, without leaving any trace on your work PC. Nothing will be installed or stored on your work PC, in compliance with your IT policies.


· Supports the majority of popular applications and games

· Works on any USB2 storage device including flash drives, external hard drives, and iPods

Note: The EULA for this application states that MojoPac will collect user information on an aggregate basis that may be used to target promotions.

Requirements: Windows XP (32-bit version)

Download at: PCWorld

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