Are Firefox Users Smarter/More Savvy than IE Users? – An Unscientific Survey

I run a number of website tools that present the type of information that allows me to make available a better experience for readers of this Blog than I might otherwise be able to provide.

One of these tools makes available information on which web browser readers of this Blog use while visiting. It’s of limited value really; but it does provide some interesting statistics nonetheless. I’ve noticed over the course of the last few months that by far the most popular browser used by readers of this Blog is, wait for it, and yes it’s Firefox.

Take a look at the chart below and you’ll notice that in one eight hour period, this week, the browser wars went like this:

  • Firefox 2.0.0.users: 325/500
  • Internet Explorer 7 users: 76/500
  • Internet Explorer 6 users: 68/500
  • Unknown users: 7/500
  • Opera 9.25 users: 5/500
  • Firefox 1.5.0 users: 4/500
  • Opera 9.20 users: 4/500
  • Firefox 3.0b2 users: 3/500
  • Internet Explorer 3.03 users: 2/500
  • Mozilla 5 users: 2/500
  • Firefox 2.0 users: 2/500
  • Firefox 1.5 users: 1/500
  • Opera 9.10 users: 1/500
  • Safari 1.2 users: 1/500

So, 67.4% of visitors to this Blog use Firefox/Mozilla in one flavor or another. You might think that these are isolated or non representative numbers. In fact, these numbers with reasonable small changes up, or down, characterize the daily Browser activity on this Blog.

It struck me, that given the fact that Firefox currently has approximately 17% of the Browser market, then why are approximately 67% of this Blogs readers choosing Firefox?

Is it because they’re  smarter, more technically knowledgeable, more security aware, more net savvy then you average IE user, or more familiar with the services/products that the Internet has to offer?

I think all of the above are more than likely true. Well perhaps not smarter. But it would be hard to argue that they’re not more technically savvy: after all this is a tech Blog and this is what they’re reading.

I’m not happy with unanswered questions, so if someone has a more reasonable explanation please let me know. I’d be glad to hear it.


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5 responses to “Are Firefox Users Smarter/More Savvy than IE Users? – An Unscientific Survey

  1. Still far too many using IE 6!
    I would like that reading to be at the bottom as, to my understanding anyway, it’s the single most hacked piece of software ever written.

    You’re readers are more savvy and aware, yes.

  2. Lee Smith


    I really DO love your blog, being a firefox user myself. It’s ironic that an article about intelligence would misuse / confuse “their / they’re”.

    “Is it because their smarter” in the third-from-last paragraph…

    Lee Smith

    Thanks Lee for pointing out this “goof”. You’re right, the irony is palpable.

    Bill Mullins

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  4. Hi Bill:

    I’ll use my Computer Science students as a reference. I estimate that 98% of them use Firefox. As soon as they discover Firefox, specially the portable version, the switch to it and never return to IE. I commented your results on my blog, so I expect to receive comments from students ans colleagues about this.

    Remember the problem with my laptop? It was the CMOS battery. A new battery and the problem went away; I suspect the battery was defective from factory, because my I bought my laptop about one year and a half ago.

    Happy Eastern!

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