Students, Bloggers/Writers – Extend Your Clipboard Functions – Free Yankee Clipper 3

Ever wonder what utility you use the most on your computer? I started thinking about that question just last week, and I was surprised to find that the most used of all the utilities on my system is a clipboard extender; Yankee Clipper 3.

Writing a Blog article on a daily basis, which involves much editing, I need a Windows clipboard extender which gives me much more versatility than the standard Windows clipboard offers. This neat little application handles Text, Rich Text, Pictures, and of real importance to me URL’s. A great feature is the ability to launch copied URL’s directly from within the program.

I prefer simple programs that are functional, easy to understand and use, and that don’t involve extreme learning curves; Yankee Clipper 3 with its Windows Outlook interface qualifies in every way.

This is a worthwhile program for students, and Bloggers, or in fact anyone who needs or wants to save time by collecting, managing, and reusing everything that was copied to the Windows Clipboard.


  • Saves 200 Text and RTF, 20 BMP and Metafiles, and 200 URL clipboard entries
  • Has the ability to save and re-use “boilerplate” clippings
  • Unlimited boilerplate collections can be created
  • URL aware- links copied to clipboard can be instantly launched
  • No size limits for clippings
  • Prints any text clipboard entry
  • Clippings can be dragged & dropped
  • Strips unwanted “quote” characters (“<“,



System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Languages: English; French; German; Italian

Download at:

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