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Do you ever wonder about the processes running on your computer? Do you wonder if your anti-malware applications have caught all of the dangerous adware/viruses/Trojans that your computer has been exposed to, as you surfed cyberspace? Do you ever wonder if your machine is as speedy as it could be, or as stable as it needs to be?

Most anti-malware applications have a good, but far from a perfect record of preventing/detecting/removing malware. Since there is no perfect anti-malware application it’s important to be aware of the processes and services that automatically run in the background on your computer. Checking these occasionally, can help you in preventing unwelcome surprises down the road.

Because I’m a security freak, justifiable so I think, I’m always interested in any new tool that can assist me in keeping my machines free of harmful, or potentially harmful, processes or services. (a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner), the company that offers what has often been called the world’s leading and most definitive process listing service available for Windows users, recently released ProcessScanner. This small executable not only scans your Windows computer for all running processes, but in addition tells you what’s running, what each process is associated with, and most importantly, a risk analysis of each process.

For example, do you have isass.exe running on your machine? Well if you do, your machine is infected with the Optix.Pro virus which carries in its payload, the ability to disable firewalls and local security protections, as well as a backdoor capability. ProcessScanner will advise you to disable and remove isass.exe immediately.

The information ProcessScanner provides you with can be useful in a number of ways. For example, I continuously notice on machines running XP Professional particularly, the large number of unnecessary processes or services that load on startup, which add limited or no functionally to the specific computer. You might be surprised to find the same situation on your computer where unnecessary processes/services are hogging your system resources and slowing down your computer.

This free service from can help you determine which of these you can turn off. However, be careful in turning off services. Turn off the wrong one(s), and you may find that you are unable to boot your machine. Spend some time on the Internet investigating which services are safe to turn off, or better yet read, Speedup Your PC – Turn Off Unnecessary Services in XP, on this Blog.

You won’t be alone in trying to determine how to proceed on any specific issue you are unsure of; ProcessLibrary’s forum contains plenty of help and information for new users.

Quick facts:

· No installation required

· Portable device compliant

· Fast scan time

· Identification of all running processes

· Threat level of all processes

· Free

If you’re like me, and you are always looking for additional applications to add to your security toolbox, or you are simply curious about what’s happening behind the scenes on your machine, then I highly recommend you download this program. has been recommended by, amongst others, The Washington Post, USA Today, Yahoo and PC Magazine’s Top 100 Classic Websites.

Download at:


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    It’s Hilary here from Uniblue (the company that developed and ProcessScanner)

    Thanks for the post! We’ve been getting some excellent industry and media feedback about ProcessScanner, and it’s great to hear your thoughts. If any other readers have any feedback. please drop me a line;

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