Save 40 Bucks – Get Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 Free!

From time to time Ashampoo, a German software company noted for developing top quality, easy to use applications, makes available free, current versions of their retail products. The last time I recall a similar offer from Ashampoo was this past Xmas when they offered 6 of their programs for free.

This time Ashampoo is offering their outstanding Photo Commander 5, (still available at retail for $39.95), at no cost. I believe this a limited time offer and there is no guarantee the offer will not be withdrawn without notice. So as the hot dog guy at the ball park says, “get em while they’re hot.”

Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 makes managing and organizing even the largest collections of digital photos easy. Its powerful integrated photo editing tools make it a one-stop solution. Instead of switching to a graphics application you can do all your adjustments and enhancements directly in the organizer. Remove red-eye effects, adjust colors, contrast, hue, resize, crop, rotate, and add a wide range of special effects and more.

As well, you get a suite of powerful and easy-to-use creativity tools: You can generate web albums of your photos that you can post to your home page. You can send your photos to friends by email, create collages, calendars and greeting cards, add picture frames and vignettes, insert text bubbles, add text, create slide shows and view them on your computer, or burn them to CD or DVD, complete with a viewer program so that anyone can play them. You can also back up your images to CD or DVD, all without leaving the program.

Quick Overview:


In addition to viewing and managing your photos you can also edit them, correct red eyes in seconds, adjust the colors, display slide shows or burn them to CD and DVD, create photo albums you can publish on the web and order high-quality prints online. You can also rotate, tilt, flip, resize and print your images and send them to friends by email, create animated images, apply borders, convert your images to other formats and take snapshots of your screen.


Videos are displayed in the organizer with thumbnail images, just like photos. You can zoom in, play them in full-screen mode, extract screenshots, and create video play lists.

Audio Files

Plays audio tracks just as easily as it can manage your photos


Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 is also a multimedia management tool. It displays videos and plays audio tracks just as easily as it can manage your photos

Batch Processing

The Batch Processing tool doesn’t just convert multiple selected photos to other formats it can also resize the images, adjust brightness and contrast, apply effects like drop shadows and sharpening, and adjust the color depth. If you’ve ever spent hours adjusting hundreds of photos you’ll understand immediately how useful this feature can be.

Supported Formats

Over 60 graphics, video and audio formats are supported. Exclusive: Version 5 now includes full read and write support for transparent JPEGs (.jng files).

Registration is required. After installation go to Internet on the toolbar and register the program online.

Watch a video of the features and benefits of Photo Commander 5 on YouTube.

Download at: Ashampoo


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  2. Pingback: Save 40 Bucks – Get Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 Free!

  3. Jack

    AVOID Ashampoo, they do not accept free email addresses like hotmail and when you give them your permanent address they spam you avery week with “offers” to upgrade.