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Several months ago I recommended a free virtualization application, MojoPac Freedom, to a friend, one that he could make great use of on his Flash Drive. I was surprised to hear from him a few days later that he had reservations about this program.


He had read through the End User License Agreement, the EULA, and discovered that this particular application was set up to allow MojoPac to monitor his online activities and to send advertising to the host desktop.

Of course, I was embarrassed since I had recommended this software without having read the EULA as carefully as I had convinced myself that I had. It was then that I realized that my practice of just reading the highlights of a EULA was a very dangerous practice.

I get pretty bored when reading EULA text; especially since I’m forced to read reams of small text, in a small window which requires me to scroll continuously. I suspect that I’m not alone in this and that many people just skim over the text, or don’t bother reading the EULA at all. The downside risk in not reading the EULA carefully is we may have let ourselves in for some unwelcome and potentially dangerous surprises.

One of the most important aspects of any software license agreement is the information it provides concerning the intentions of the software, and whether there are additional components bundled with the main application. Additional components that could potentially displays pop-up ads, transmit personal identifiable information, or use unique tracking identifiers much like the bundled components in the software I had recommended to my friend.

EULAlyzer, a free application from Javacool Software, can make reading and analyzing license agreements, while not a pleasure, at least not as painful. The application quickly scans a EULA and points out words, statements, and phrases that you need to closely consider. Working similar to an anti-spyware program, EULAlyzer flags suspicious wording on a scale of 1 to 10 based on how critical the disclosed information can be to your security.

If you, like me, download frequently then you need to read any software license agreement carefully. I certainly have changed my habits! However, EULAlyzer will make it easier for you to focus on the important aspects of the agreement. There is no doubt that we could all use a little help in working our way through these wordy but necessary agreements.

Quick facts:

· Discover potentially hidden behavior about the software you’re going to install

· Pick up on things you missed when reading license agreements

· Keep a saved database of the license agreements you view

· Instant results – super-fast analysis in just a second

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