Monitor Computer Usage with KeyProwler – PC Monitoring Application and Key Logger

keyprowler-pro_1.pngOne of my friends has three teenaged boys so it’s no coincidence that I’m called on every few months to clean his home system of spyware, adware, and occasionally, other forms of malware. Despite his setting up clear rules for use for the computer, covering such issues as pornographic web sites, peer to peer downloading, and to some extent social engineering concerns on such sites as FaceBook, teenaged boys will be teenaged boys.

One of the problems of course in assigning blame for the misuse of a PC where there is more than one user involved, is the “I didn’t do it” issue. In the past, he has been faced with the impossible task of trying to assign the responsibility for breaking the rules to the suspected guilty party. Now there may be a solution.

Enter the PC monitoring/Key logger application. I know that there are those who will consider this an overreaction; not many are comfortable with the idea of spying on others. On the other hand, there are those who will find this solution to be appropriate; particularly where system security, and potentially personal security are involved.

KeyProwler is a monitoring application for Windows that is easy to setup and easy to use which allows the user to remotely monitor any PC, secretly or not. It runs completely hidden and does not appear in the start menu, add/remove applet, or in the task manager.

The knowledge that such an application will be running on my friend’s computer, may act as the deterrent it is intended to be, and perhaps convince the boys to follow the rules and act more responsibly (my friend’s definition), while using the family computer.

For those who are more seriously concerned with remotely monitoring a PC, then this application may well be the right tool for you. Following a simply installation, the program records all activity on the computer and will transmit log files directly to the user’s email inbox. No complex email setup is required, simply enter the email address and KeyProwler does the rest. Start/Stop buttons make logging easy.

As well, KeyProwler lets you read messages sent on MySpace, FaceBook or any other internet site, and snaps a screenshot of pages viewed.

Quick facts:

  • Employee monitoring
  • Child monitoring
  • Educational monitoring
  • Recover MySpace passwords
  • Recover forgotten usernames, passwords
  • Recover typed documents
  • Get your child’s password and username
  • Get MySpace and FaceBook passwords
  • View Emails
  • View hidden password boxes
  • View Instant Message conversations
  • View MySpace messages
  • Web Browsers and Search Engines
  • View all applications
  • Copies Clipboard
  • Pictures and profiles viewed
  • Captures keyboard input


Requirements: Windows 98| NT| 2000| XP| Vista

Download 30 day trial version at: KeyProwler


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2 responses to “Monitor Computer Usage with KeyProwler – PC Monitoring Application and Key Logger

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  2. This sounds really nice software, but after checked its official site.
    I found it is not so professional.
    I’d suggest Spytech monitoring software, which is more powerful and stable.