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spyware-terminator.jpgI tend to err on the side of caution/safety when it comes to protecting my home machine from the ever increasing malware infestations we seem to be subjected to while surfing/downloading/uploading on the Internet. Some might even consider it overkill!

Currently my home system is running: Zone Alarm (Firewall), WinPatrol (System Monitor), AVG Free Edition (Anti-Virus), ThreatFire 3 (Blocks zero-day attacks heuristically), SnoopFree Privacy Shield (Anti-keylogger), Spyware Terminator (Spyware protection/removal). This is my minimum safety configuration; depending on circumstances, in addition, I will also use Sandboxie (a free sand box application).

As you can see, Spyware Terminator is my current application of choice in the spyware protection/removal category. Having tested virtually all of the major anti-spyware apps over the last year or more, I’ve settled, for now, on Spyware Terminator.

A simple to use interface makes this program easy to setup, customize and run, for both less experienced and expert users alike.

Spyware Terminator excels in strong active protection against know and unknown threats. If anything, I find it perhaps a little overly aggressive. On the other hand, better this than the alternative.

The program rates very highly in offering protection against spyware, adware, Trojans, key-loggers, home page hijackers and other malware threats. The scan behavior can be customized based on your level of experience; ranging from automatic interception for the less experienced user, to potential threat control for the more experienced user.

A definite plus is the program’s ability to schedule spyware scans on a daily or a weekly basis to ensure your computer’s continuing integrity. When set to download updates automatically, Spyware Terminator will check for, download and install new updates, keeping all files current with minimal user input. Optionally, you can choose to update manually.

Included with Spyware Terminator is Open Source ClamWin anti-virus, a reasonably effective anti-virus solution. My personal choice however, has been to disengage this side of the package and to run AVG Free Edition Anti-Virus instead.

Quick Facts:

  • Real-time protection
  • Spyware removal
  • Automatic updates
  • Scheduled scans
  • On demand fast scan
  • On demand full scan
  • On demand customized scan
  • On Boot file remover
  • Context menu scan option
  • AntiVirus integration
  • Free support
  • Multilanguage support


Spyware Terminator is free for both home and business use.

System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

Download at: Spyware Terminator


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  2. Hi Bill, I use Spyware Terminator and after trying different anti-spyware solutions, I found this one very effective, almost aggressive with everything that may be a suspect. I also use AVG Antispyware, Spybot Search and Destroy and sometimes Lavasoft Ad-aware. My antivirus is Avira, free edition, but in the past i used AVG, and both of them are very effective. I will give SnoopFree Privacy Shield a try. I have the portable version of ClamWin for emergencies.

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  6. Johanna

    Ok, so the program is an anti-spyware and have an anti-visrus, but what about an anti-keylogging protection and a firewall? Probably you will also need to install Zone Alarm Pro( as a firewall and Privacy Keyboard( as an anti-keylogger…

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  9. Im always glad to see someone using WinPatrol. Its a great program that really helps educate you in whats going on in your puter.

  10. Interesting post. I’ll check back for updates if you keep posting.

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