iTweak Does it for Free!

This powerful free tweaking application which contains more than 73 powerful tweaks consolidates various Hardware, Network, and Registry settings to help you tweak these hidden settings for easier use, increased security, and improved performance.  iTweak’s simple interface divides tweakable items into five major categories.

Using the program is simple. Simply tick check boxes to change Windows’ appearance and menus, modify the settings of IE, Windows Media Player, and Microsoft Office, and restrict the use of certain applications and Windows programs. Be aware, though changes are simple to implement, disabling some video and graphics settings could render your PC impossible to view.

Changes are applied immediately, though some tweaks do need a system restart to take effect. Users of this application should be familiar with operating systems and understand the changes and the impact of such changes on the operating system.

Be sure to backup your Registry before making any changes.

Some Features of iTweak:

* Increase the number of simultaneous file transfers in Internet Explorer
* Tweak popular software such as Internet Explorer and Office
* Auto Backup windows default settings
* Customize windows start menus
* Application Restriction tweak to protect your system
* Password Protection to prevent other user from modifying settings

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