Keep Your Kids Safe With Free Parental Control Bar

Would you drop your child off in a neighborhood where more than half of the buildings were adult stores and it was full of predators? Well of course you wouldn’t. But if you let your child explore the Internet unsupervised, this is close to what you’re doing.

You need to know that 60% of all sites on the Internet are pornographic. You child is always 2 clicks away from pornography at any time, even completely accidentally.

ParentalControl bar, a free down-loadable utility can help you keep your children safe on the Internet. Loaded with features to help you keep your child safe.

ParentalControl Bar Features

Child/Parent Mode

This status indicator makes it easy to tell if your computer is in Child-Mode or Parent-Mode. When in Child-Mode, control features are enabled and web sites are blocked based on your parental settings. When in Parent-Mode, control features are disabled and you, the parent, have unrestricted access to the Internet.

Parental Password

A single password makes it easy for you, the parent, to enable or disable Child-Mode. There is a hint to help you remember your password, or if you forget it completely have it sent to a parental email address.

Help Menu

Clicking this button opens the toolbar menu where parents can access tutorials, help menus or change your password.

Change Parental Settings

Clicking this button opens the parental settings menu where you can specify the types of content you wish to block your family from accessing in Child-Mode. You can also manage your personal list of ‘blocked’ and ‘child-safe’ sites from this menu.

Easily Block Adult Sites

The toolbar helps block a significant amount of adult-oriented websites. In addition, you may select specific sites to block by clicking this button. Once you have added a website to the ‘blocked sites’ list it is only accessible in Parent-Mode.

Parental Alert

When the toolbar is in Child-Mode, this parental alert blocks your child from accessing adult-oriented websites (based on your parental settings).

Add WebSite to Safe List

Clicking this button adds the website you are currently visiting to the ‘safe site’ list. Once a website is added to the ‘safe site’ list it can be accessed from either Child-Mode or Parent-Mode (regardless of site label).

Download Here

Download Free Parental Controls!


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11 responses to “Keep Your Kids Safe With Free Parental Control Bar

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  4. SChace

    Installed ParentalControl Bar yesterday on son’s laptop.

    Running Win2K SP4.

    Have admin account for me, limited account for son.

    1) Tested out after creating settings. Blocks common innocuous sites like Runescape, but does not block Google.

    2) User can easily search with google for porn.

    3) I can permit acceptable sites, and block unacceptable sites BUT NOTHING IS SAVED.

    4) Repeated test in my (admin level) account. SAME PROBLEM.

    5) Website claims it will work with Firefox 1.5+. There was no sign of it working in Firefox 2.

    6) After much frustration, tried to uninstall. It will not go away.

    7) Checked the “How to use” and “Get help” options. Both take me to a website for JBOSS.


    S.W. Chace

  5. Parental Control Bar is simple and easy to use for blocking inappropriate websites. But there is less features than parental control software. There are also free parental control software available for user such as Crawler Parental Control ( and K9 Web Protection ( I also use these software.

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  7. nick

    i am having the same uninstall problem, how do i get rid of it!!!!!

  8. Priscilla Noriega

    REvo worked for me…
    Thanks Bill!!


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